Aloha Friday Photo: Waikiki Lifeguard Station “Enjoys” Sunset

Screen shot 2010-02-18 at 11.02.54 AM

I adore photos of Hawaii lifeguard stations, so naturally I fell in love with this photo from Waikiki Beach at sunset by Paul, the Flying Photog. Ah, wouldn’t you kind of like to be transformed into a Hawaii lifeguard station? You’d get to sit on the beach and watch the waves all day long.  Mahalo, Paul, for your permission to post your photo!

  1. I adore photos of, mostly, all lifeguard stations. And this one is simply beautiful! I so hope I’ll make it to Hawaii eventually!

    1. Erica – I wonder what it is about lifeguard stations that make them so picturesque?

      I do hope you get to Hawaii, too — preferably when I’m visiting as well so that we could meet.

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