Another Great VolcanoChaser Lava Video

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m a little bit volcano crazy. I mean, how much more exciting can it get than to witness red hot lava oozing? When the Big Island lava is on the move with surface flows like it is now, I’m particularly intrigued. So, I subscribe to volcanochaser’s YouTube channel and rush to watch his newest videos as soon as they are posted.  Today, I was excited to find an new video from volcanochaser that he recorded on February 16th. His newest shows lava flowing at a pretty good clip down an old lava tube, crackling like Rice Krispys, and ponding — very, very cool, er, hot stuff!

While I admire volcanochaser’s vidoes and bravery, I should add that I don’t recommend the average tourist attempt to gather the same up close videos. I’m willing to bet that volcanochaser knows the area of the current lava flow very well and is not likely to get lost, like you and I would. Plus, I’d never recommend that Go Visit Hawaii readers do anything that might be considered trespassing.

So, while the lava is potentially heading towards the ocean, let’s enjoy the newest edition of vocanochaser’s videos. (Email subscribers, click here to access the video.)

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