When Lava Meets the Road

You’ve heard of the expression, when the rubber meets the road. Well, what happens when hot lava meets the road? Just watch this outstanding video of a fresh lava flow on a section of Highway 130 on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Isn’t it incredible that the lava burns the asphalt with such ease? There’s no way a speed bump would stop a lava flow from going where it wants to go. What an amazing force!

Note that this video was just filmed this past Saturday. The brave camera person, volcanochaser, got much closer to the lava than what us amateurs should do. Please keep a safe distance and see my tips for watching the lava flow.

  1. Very cool!

    Er, actually, very hot, but you get my point!

    PS. Please don’t blame the lava for the fires. It’s actually the asphalt! <-- asphalt, geddit? The as'fault? No? OK, bye den!

  2. I was there just a few years ago and saw it dripping off the ledge and into the ocean. I took the route that is now taken over by the lava. i remember the sign very distinctly. I sure do miss Hawaii. what a great time. I liked to poke at the lava with the walking stick. 😉

    1. Hi Amanda – I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone…what is it about seeing that slow flowing lava that makes you want to poke at it? Thanks for your comment!

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