Rainbow over Kapalua

In the fine print: "Pot of gold sold separately"
We took this shot while having breakfast at the Plantation House. Notice how wide the rainbow looks.

  1. Magical!

    I grew up in New Mexico and almost never saw rainbows. Once in a great, great while we would get a good one and people would literally freak out with joy.

    “Oh My Gosh! Get the camera! Wake the neighbors!” Everyone comes out of the house. Kids dancing in the street. The works.

    1. Dave – we don’t see near as many rainbows in North Carolina as we do in Hawaii. Gotta love the “rainbow state” 🙂

  2. You have definitely captured one of the most beautiful thing on earth! I’d be sure to let my readers know about this. It sure is a great place to visit for our next video shoot. I’m planning on it.

    1. Keahi – we go to the Plantation House every time we go to Maui. Like you said, the food is great and to top it off, the view is pretty sweet, too. We especially like going there when it’s humpback whale season, as the elevated view from the Plantation House is perfect for whalewatching.

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