Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for June 12th

  • As you already know, yesterday was King Kamehameha Day in Hawaii.  Here’s a great story with video from KGMB that tells more about how this king practiced aloha.  The video is spoken in Hawaiian with English subtitles.  (Mahalo to my friend Angela Keen for the link.)
  • Here are some Maui airfare deals offered through United Airlines. They’re advertising fares as low as $447.  At first glance, it looks like a deal, but is it a deal at all?  I’m not so sure it is, because these rates are for one way only based on purchase of a roundtrip ticket.  I tested the rates for a number of dates and cities with the required deal criteria and didn’t find anything that I thought was truly a bargain, but test it out for yourself and see if you find a great fare. (Mahalo to my friend Jim.)
  • Now for some more airfare deals, but onto ones that are more real.  Hawaiian Airlines is advertising rates as low as $569 round trip for peak summer travel periods.  I tested this deal as well and these rates were indeed bargains. 
  • Maui’s Kapalua resorts announced the renovation completion for the beloved Honolua Store. “The renovation preserved the existing historic building while expanding the store’s grocery, wine and sundry offerings – showcasing locally made specialty products, health foods and organic brands. Additionally, the Honolua Store now features a new espresso bar and additional outdoor seating.”  I love that little store. 
  1. Re: Hawaiian Airlines $569 fare. They were all gone from my neck of the woods when I looked today. 🙁

    The choice we on the West Coast, which is Hawaii’s biggest travel market, face well illustrates the problem facing the Islands.

    Looking at airfares leaving from the San Francisco Bay area to Honolulu, leaving on 9/15/2008 for a 1 week stay, the lowest available fare today is $642.

    For the same travel dates I can go to:
    Orlando for $240
    Cancun for $375
    Cabo for $454
    Nassau for $461

    I love Hawaii, but I’ve never seen Nassau.

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