A GoVisitHawaii.com Milestone Worth Sharing

image I thought I’d share with you that Go Visit Hawaii reached a milestone of publishing 1,000 posts today. In fact, this post is number 1,001.

Though that statistic is nice and all, there’s another statistic that fuels my posts and that’s your comments. At this moment, Go Visit Hawaii has 3,560 comments. Thank you, readers, for all your comments, notes, and ongoing support!

  1. Good job everybody! 🙂

    I’d say that the highly quality of those 1,000 posts makes it easy for us to comment on them! 😉

  2. Congratulations Sheila! I commend you for doing this day after day. I know it is a labor of love for you. Your love of Hawaii and appreciation for the culture and people there truly shows through in your daily posts. I feel you always give an unbiased view of the Islands. I lived in Hawaii for 14 years and still visit often. I like to think I am up to date on everything Hawaii, yet when someone asks me for Hawaii vacation advise I always direct them to your blog:-)

    Andy, this woman deserves a reward of some sort…like maybe a trip to the Islands for a mai tai to celebrate!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Congrats on breaking the 1,000 mark. There’s always so much good stuff here, almost time to start writing a book.

  4. Andy, Dave, Janice, & Kris – thank you so much for your support and faithful readership. Though my blog stats say differently, sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading 🙂 Each of you have been so kind to comment. It really is an encouragement!

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