Hawaii Fact 13 of 50: The Dance Developed In Hawaii

Just about every corner of the world has developed a unique style of dance. Hawaii created hula dancing.

Here is an excellent hula video with traditional Hawaiian chanting with a lovely natural setting.

I’ve found some great resources for a bit of history about hula dancing. So, see this link and watch the following video.

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  1. The hula is so alluring, yet it takes so many different forms. Case in point, just about everyone has seen the hula on display at a luau, but have you ever seen a keiki hula competition? They have displays at the Lahaina Cannery Mall, those kids start so young.

    My favorite has to be when we saw Hapa in concert at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (twice). Both times, Miss Aloha 2002 Malia Peterson performed her hula stylings to Hapa’s already mystical music. It has to have been the most beautiful display of the hula that I have ever seen.

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