Hawaii Vacation Deals & News Roundup for May 20, 2009

Clock in Waikiki
It’s time again for another deals and news roundup.

* Here’s an excellent article from Seattle’s Parent Map that’s  filled with ideas on how to save money on a Maui family vacation.

* One of the best Hawaii luxury deals I’ve seen in a while is this one to stay at Maui’s Kapalua Ritz-Carlton for $299 per night. In addition to the steeply discounted rate, the deal includes free breakfast for two, $100 resort credit, and upgraded room if available. For rate comparison, I blogged about the newly renovated Kapalua Ritz-Carlton reopening last year. At that time and for many months, the lowest room rate was $599. There were absolutely no freebies and discounts back then either. If you wanted to stay there, you essential paid rack rates. If I was planning a honeymoon to Maui, I’d snap this deal up in a hurry!

* Another luxury property, the Fairmont Orchid on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, is on sale for $199 per night for summer travel between June and September, with some blackout dates. See this link for booking details.

* Yesterday, I blogged about the excellent airfare from Virginia/Maryland areas to Hawaii. There’s a few more special United Airline one-way fares (based on round-trip purchase)  to share with you.

  • New York City-Maui $179
  • Hartford-Kona  $188
  • Charlotte-Maui  $212
  • Boston-Lihue, Kauai $252
  1. Thanks for this site Shiela – awesome info abounds !! I am taking my wife and 10 year old to Maui for the first time this June for 2 weeks – any last minute tips you can give us would be great – thanks again for all you do on this site

  2. Sheila thats amazing wow!!!!! will this be eligible for my travel in Aug…i am goin from aug 17th through 23rd….please let me know……thanks

  3. Hey sheila what do you think about the Hyatt there in maui….or should i go to the Ritz….and how good are they in upgrading someone to a better room…..

  4. sid – I think that the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua is far superior to the Hyatt Kaanapali for lots of reasons. Here are some:
    – the section of beach in front of the Hyatt is so small that you can’t really lay or sit on the beach. So, practically all the guests go to the pool where it’s wall to wall people. We have stayed here and had trouble finding two pool chairs together. Here’s an early morning photo I took from the balcony…you can’t even see a sandy beach section. http://www.flickr.com/photos/govisithawaii/1376299708/in/set-72157600050125166/
    – the baths at the Hyatt are a little out of date in comparison to the newly renovated Ritz-Carlton.
    – the balcony (lanai) at the Hyatt are so small…see this picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/govisithawaii/1375400085/in/set-72157600050125166/

  5. ya those balconies are way too smal for an ocean view room. wow…..and yes i cant see the sand at all…..also wanted to know how good are the RITZ in upgrading us to a ocean view as the special which is running is for the terrace room. Do you have a hook up there or can you point me the right direction.

    Also if i book ritz..how far would i be from the town if we wanna go out to restaraunts, bars and shopping….please advice….

  6. sid – I have no idea and no contacts at the Ritz for upgrades. If you book, do tell them you are on your honeymoon. That might help, but no guarantees. I don’t get paid to write this site and I don’t get any kick backs for recommending the Ritz or any other property.

    Ritz is about a 10 or 15 min drive to Lahaina. There are some nice restaurants in Kapalua, though…two of my favorites, actually – The Plantation House and The Pineapple Grill

    Now with all these questions you’ve had, you at least owe me a postcard from Maui. 😉

  7. hahahah, good one sheila i know i asked you alot of things…and yes i owe you a postcard and a small gift for sure…and i know and understand that its not in your hands for the upgrade or something you know. But i was thinking may be you have stayed there and know that they are good about these kinda things…cause its the Ritz after all…..cool and yes your gift and postcard are comin in Aug……..for sure

  8. Hi. I have a timeshare on Kauai and want to be there 3/28-4/4//2010. I’m seeking any way to get there and back for less than $700 per person. I’d be flying from Phila (or Newark or NY or DE, whatever is cheapest). I have 50,000 US Airways miles that could get me and my girl as far as the West Coast…so what airport anywhere in the US has the cheapest rates to Kauai por any of the HI islands. Thanks in advance for your help.

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