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More and more great 2008 holiday fares are starting to pop up. If you are searching for the lowest fares, then use the calendar above to help you find the best days for your flights.  According to American Airlines, the cheapest Christmas fares are on the travel days of December 13th through 19th and then on the 24th and Christmas Day. For travel around New Year’s Day, your best bests are traveling on December 26th, 30th, and 31st as well as January 1st, 4th, and 5th.  Happy holiday fare shopping!

  1. Hi Shelia,

    i’m looking to book a non-stop flight from DFW to OGG (Maui) around the end of May.

    Do you have any discounts offers (online codes, vouchers, coupons, etc.) with American Airlines?

    Any recommendations to save on fares?


    1. Hi Andy – If I remember correctly, AA has a direct flight from DFW to OGG, so definitely look out for that one! As far as promotional codes with AA, I haven’t seen any in a while, but when and if I do, I post them here on Go Visit Hawaii. If you haven’t already done so, consider getting free daily updates by subscribing. Here’s how:

      I’m not sure if you saw today’s article, on 2009 airfares, but they are looking really good and flights in May tend to be a bit cheaper. Here’s today’s article:

      On, use their “My Dates Are Flexible” link and pick a 30 day window around the time in May that you want to visit Maui. You’ll find their best rates that way.

      Hope this helps! Please let me know what kind of deal you find.

  2. Just curious is May not a good month to visit Maui?
    Why would the flights be cheaper?

  3. Andy – May is an excellent time to go to Maui. The reason flights tend to be cheaper is that May is not normally a busy month on Maui and the reasons are:
    – Kids aren’t out of school yet and summer vacation is in June and July
    – It’s warm on the Mainland, so folks aren’t desperate to thaw out on the islands.

    For these reasons, hotel rates tend to be cheaper as well.

    The weather in May is great! May is not a rainy month.

    So, really May is ideal for saving money, having good weather, and avoiding crowds.

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