Hawaii Vacation Deals and News Roundup for October 13th

If the nights and days are starting to get cooler where you are, consider these Hawaii rays of sunshine!  🙂 

  • The most recent (August 2008) Hawaii hotel occupancy and rate data has been reported.  The statewide average occupancy was 74.4% while the average nightly rate was $211.  Both of these stats are down in comparison to August 2007. Though this news is a bit bleak, the good news is that if you can get to Hawaii, you’ll find exceptional value.  In this KHON report, Hawaii vacationers are reporting that they are very happy with the deals they’re getting in Hawaii.
  • Jeanne Cooper from the San Francisco Chronicle has written an excellent list of top snorkeling spots along Maui’s shores.
  • Kayak recently listed their picks for the top 5 state parks. The Iao Valley State Park on Maui made their list.  This beautiful and mysterious valley is not to be missed in my opinion.
  • I enjoyed this short read on Maui’s historic town of Lahaina. Be warned that if you read it you may want to be whisked away to Lahaina immediately.
  • As most of you know I’ve been writing about Hawaii travel for over 1.5 years.  I’ve been blogging completely unsolicited and purely out of my love of Hawaii and sincere desire to help others make the most out of their Hawaii vacation.  Someone once described me as an ambassador for Hawaii. I like that description!  Well, I have some great news to share with you. The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau have been following my blog and have appreciated my honest and balanced Hawaii travel advice. As a result, they have contacted me and offered to partially assist me with a trip to Hawaii. I am grateful for the help and promise to gather as much information as I can to share with you. There are no strings attached to this HVCB assistance.  I’ve been encouraged to continue writing as I always have and that is to tell it like it is. So, this Saturday, I’m leaving for Oahu and then on to Kauai. As always I’ll be looking for some of the best budget fun along with tips for really making the most of your Hawaii vacation.  
  1. Congratulations Sheila, I am glad the HVCB recognizes the effort you put into your Hawaii blog.

  2. marco dinaro says:

    WOW !!! What wonderful news dear Sheila !!!!!!!!!!!! HVCB did good – your blog is really so informative and BEAUTIFUL as Hawaii are !!!
    Have a safe trip and splendid days !!!!!!!!

    We’ll miss so much your daily “fix” of Paradise !!!!!!

    If you spot whales PLEASE wave them CIAO from Italy !! One year we’ll come ourselves to admire those beauties !!!

    Ciao , laura & Marco

  3. Well congratulations Sheila! You’re certainly the top Hawaii blogger out there and it’s good to see the HVCB recognizes it. I just feel bad that you are going to have to work this trip. 🙂

    Re: Jeanne Cooper’s Maui snorkel sites on SFGate.com. An excellent article, but she left out one of best, Ahihi Cove. It’s south of Makena, past Big Beach. Just look for a very narrow section of road right next to the ocean. If you reach the lava flow you’ve gone too far.


  4. WOW! – Awesome! – That’s amazing! – :^)

    It’s great that the HVCB is recognizing the great work you do and taking action to encourage you to do more of it.

    Do you think you’ll have some time to have lunch or cocktails with some of your local blog & Twitter followers?


  5. Wow Sheila, I am so happy and excited for you!!! I assume Andy gets to go with you? As a Hawaii resident, I feel proud that the HVCB has recognized your outstanding work and is assisting you to come back to Hawaii and continue spreading the aloha with your wonderful blog. Congratulations!!!

  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, everyone for your very kind words!

    @ Chris – thank you for always being an encouragement!

    @ Marco & Laura – I will definitely say “Ciao” from you to any whales I see! Also, I will do my best to at least post a photo each day while I’m in Hawaii.

    @ David – hehe…I guess I can’t complain about having to “work” in Hawaii! 🙂 Thanks for adding your thoughts on the Maui snorkeling spots list!

    @ Dave – I’d LOVE to meet up with you and others. I’ll be in touch when I get a better idea of my schedule. You know I’m a schedule nerd. 🙂

    @ HVG – Thanks a bunch for feeling proud. That means so much to me – it really, really does!

  7. Let me offer my congratulations as well, and second what HVG said above. We’re proud to have you as our Aloha Ambassador.


  8. @ Bobbie – thanks so much! I’m honored and humbled by your kind words!

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