The Colors of Hawaii – Kauai’s Green Goodness

Taro Farms

This photo of the taro fields was taken at the Hanalei Overlook on the North Shore of Kauai.  Be sure that you don’t miss this picturesque view that’s located just off of Highway 56 on the mauka side (mountain side) of the road. 

  1. Thanks, Christine. This lookout was such a pretty point, it would have probably been impossible to have taken a bad photo.

  2. The Hanalei Overlook is one of my favorite places in HI and I have taken tons of photos of it. I won’t post any because yours is beautiful, but I am buying a new wide angle lens for my camera and this is one of those places that will be fun to photograph with it. Hey! Yet another excuse to go to Hawaii huh??

  3. Hi Jan – That’s exciting that you are getting a new wide angle lens. Let me know if you ever have any photos you’d like to share here.

    Thanks for adding another excuse for going to Hawaii. We’re always looking for those excuses. 🙂

  4. funny you should mention – after a look at this photo I was compelled to go directly to the airlines’ website to check out flights to Hawaii!!

  5. I hope you find a great fare, Christine! Let us know if you plan a trip. Fall hotel rates are looking like great bargains!

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