A tip for saving money on Hawaiian print wear

image I subscribe to Budget Travel magazine and I really enjoy reading the 20 readers’ tips published in each issue. In the latest (July/August) issue, a reader from Austin, Texas writes this tip:

When vacationing in Maui, save money on aloha [Hawaiian print] shirts and dresses by shopping at Ross Dress for Less near the airport (200 E Kamehameha Ave., Kahului, 808/877-5483) We got a shirt for $12 and a dress for $15. Marc Smith, Austin, Texas

That’s a pretty good idea. There are Ross Dress for Less stores on Oahu and the Big Island, too. Here’s the listing of all the Hawaii locations. You might even want to check out your local Ross or other discount retailer like Marshalls and TJ Maxx before you go on vacation. How do you save money on your aloha wear?

  1. Shhh, don’t tell any one, but we usually do most of our gift shopping before we leave home. Someone always has a sale on Hawaiian print wear and the local grocery outlet usually has a deal on Mauna Loa Macadamia nuts. Better prices and you don’t have to carry them home. Kinda goes with the packing lite thing.

    David 🙂

  2. I went to Walmart and KMart – I was shocked at how much cheaper the stuff was there!
    Even cheaper than the markets and they were the same cost!

  3. Hi Sheila, I send all my visitors to the local COSTCO. The Hawaii Costco stores have a good selection of the high end Hawaiian shirts and dresses at the very best prices. This is a selection of local prints that are not “tourist” junk. Real people really dress this way here. js

  4. Macy’s is where I buy all of my aloha shirts. At the end of the season, they have the quality brands selling at major discounted rates. Kahala, Reyn Spooner, Tommy Bahama, Ono, etc. You can pick-up quality shirts for at least $50 off.

  5. Mahalos for the great tips you all have added!

    @ David – that’s a pretty clever trick. I guess it’s pretty easy for you to find mac nuts on the West Coast? On the East Coast, we don’t find them that often and when we do, there’s not as big of a selection. I have found that World Market normally carries them.

    @ Melanie – Isn’t it amazing how differently the K-marts and Wal-Marts are stocked differently between the mainland and Hawaii? You’d never find that sort of aloha wear selection on the mainland.

    @ jerry – We just got a Costco in our town in the last year. I’ve still not joined. It certianlly sounds like your Kona Costco is one of the best places for many things – gas, groceries, and aloha wear.

    @ golfnutn8 – 50% off – your speaking my language! 🙂 Thanks for that tip!

  6. First… Go to the Wall Mart / Sam’s Club across the street from the Ala Moana shopping center. Then walk another block down the street to Ross. Then… Go to the dollar store across from the Ward Warehouse.

  7. Ya, most markets out here carry Mac nuts, expensive though. I should have capitalized “Grocery Outlet.” It’s a chain out here that specializes in closeouts and overstocks. Every once in a while they’ll get a bunch of Mac nuts in and we stock up.

    By the way, on Maui at least, both Kmart and Wal-mart have “Hawaii souvenir” sections that are usually a little less expensive than elsewhere. And for coffee always take a look at Longs.


  8. @ Dave – You should give that route a name. Savings row? 🙂 I don’t know why but I’m a sucker for dollar stores. I haven’t run across one in Hawaii yet, but next time I’m on Oahu, I’m going to check this one out.

    @ David – Well your secret is still safe here. 🙂

    Re the Wal-Marts and K-marts on Hawaii….all the ones I’ve been to on Hawaii have a dedicated section for Hawaiian gifts. The first time I went to Maui, I was surprised to find an entire section dedicated to souvenirs.

  9. Sheila, I agree with Jerry on the men’s shirts at Costco. The quality is good and not “touristy” looking. Even on the neighbor islands there was a huge selection. Wal-Mart is good for all the candies etc and the sunscreen and other beach supplies are really reasonably priced there as well. The one in Honolulu is HUGE! Our flight attendant told us that Lion Coffee has an outlet in Honolulu and offers discounts there, but we found Lion’s so cheap at Wal-Mart that we bought it there. The shopping will be trickier with the new luggage limits. I think the answer is to allow our husbands to take only one outfit and use their suitcase to bring home all of our purchases:-)

  10. @ Jan – Haha! I like that idea of only allowing our hubbys to bring one outfit. 🙂 We almost always pick up Lion Kona coffee when where at a Wal-Mart in Hawaii. Is that considered to be a good brand? I really don’t know much about the coffee brands.

    We also like to get coconut syrup at Wal-Mart if we’re checking luggage. I wish they’d sell coconut syrup in 3oz containers. That stuff is delicious, but I’d hate to think of how many calories it has.

  11. I heard if you actually purchase the coconut syrup in Hawaii, it has no calories! Such a Deal My kids grew up eating coconut syrup on their pancakes and each time I bring it back, I cringe to think of how sticky it will be if it breaks in the luggage. Both Lion & Hawaiian Isles coffees are good. Sometimes we order on line if we can’t find it at our local Asian market here. Any Asian markets near you guys that have a Hawaii section? Sometimes you can get the coffe and syrup there. We also like Aloha shoyu as opposed to soy sauce and our local Asian market has that as well.

  12. Don’t pay the high prices at manufacturers’ own retail stores auch as Reyns and the others. All their shirts can be found at other retailers like Macy’s and the malls for much less or go to their websites and buy off price. All the Hawaiian shirt companies are swimming in inventory due to the recession. A local girl, Fran.

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