Where did Sarah Marshall Stay?

image I finally saw the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” yesterday. I was looking forward to seeing it only because it was being filmed at the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu while I was there last June.

I recognized many of the scenes in the movie. Sarah stayed in one of the high-end beach cottages. The couples dined at Ola. I recognized the entrance and the lobby. A mock front desk (photo on the left) was set up for the movie. There were many other scenes I recognized, too. In general, this movie made me want to go back to the North Shore of Oahu as soon as possible. (Sigh!)

If you’ve seen the movie and you’re interesting in checking out the scenery for yourself, then please see this helpful information:

By the way, the movie was okay. Some of the language was crude and there was some nudity. It’s rated R.

  1. Sigh is right. We watched them film a bunch of scenes while we were there. Its neat to watch but more fun to have a vacation video professionally made for us 😉 My wife and I want to SO go back there (but we have #1 on the way so it wont happen for a while). Oh and the lobster at Ola was the best I have ever had.

    My only tip for people going to Hawaii and planning on snorkeling is to get one of those spf 50 shirts so you don’t burn your back so bad you cant sit down…yes thats experience talking.

    Iamafurling (aka Josh)

  2. Hi Josh – Congrats on having #1 on the way!

    I didn’t try to lobster at Ola…darn….I’ll have to try that next time. We really liked the Kulau pulled pork nachos. I love that open air environment there right on the beach. Sigh, again. 🙂

    I may need to try one of those SPF 50 shirts. I tend to slather on the sunscreen like crazy there. I think snorkeling makes you especially vulnerable to sunburns.

    Thank you for your first time comment here!

  3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall isn’t one of those movies that’s best seen on the big screen, so you should be fine with DVD, HVG.

  4. I don’t know whwere they stayed- but we stayed at the fairmount orchid on the NW side of the Big Island-and I would go back any day! Great food- Correction THE BEST FOOD and Amazing Ocean Views!!!!

    Could the rest of HI possibly be this beautiful?

  5. @ adragich – The Fairmont on the Big Island is a lovely propery, indeed. To answer your question – yes, the rest of HI is as beautiful! Each island has it’s own personality and unique sights.

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