Bring disposable rain ponchos for your Hawaii vacation

IMGP1627 Okay, I admit it! I shop at Dollar Tree from time to time. I actually like to hit the local dollar store before heading to Hawaii because I’ve found some pretty useful items. For example, take the disposable rain poncho from the photo on the left. For a dollar, I buy a package that contains two ponchos. These rain ponchos are compact enough to easily store in your purse or back pack. The first day we arrive, I put a package of ponchos in the glove box of the rental car. Even though I pack a lightweight waterproof jacket when I travel to Hawaii, I don’t always remember to bring it with me as I go out on a day of sight-seeing. That’s why I like having these ponchos in the glove compartment as back up. You may notice that only one poncho is shown in the photo. That’s because its mate was used during a stop at Akaka Falls.

I’ve found some other dollar store items that are great for traveling. I’ve also bought travel toothbrushes, toothpaste, small first aid kit, empty travel containers, and lingerie bag for separating dirty laundry. Have you found any good dollar store finds for your travels?

  1. Considering how off and on rain is in Hawaii, having one of those in your pocket is crucial, good find!

  2. Thanks, Jim. Rain can be pretty sneaky in Hawaii. Don’t you think?

    Just take a look at the photos in the Pololu Beach from earlier today. Notice how pretty and sunny it looks. Just 20 minutes later, we were hoofing it back up the steep trail trying not to get soaked from the rain.

  3. Yeah it’s very sneaky…

    I wish I had gone to Pololu beach when we were driving around but we got too tired to make the trek.

  4. You should check out the Dollar Store in Honolulu. It’s across from the Ward shopping center. You’ll find all sorts of “unique” items that might be hard to find on the mainland. ūüėČ

  5. I miss Family $, dollar General and dollar Tree stores. Anything similar on Ohau?

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