TripAdvisor Announces 2008 Top 25 US Destinations


As no surprise to us folks who love Hawaii, the islands are well represented on the 2008 Travelers’ Choice Top 25 list of US destinations.  In fact, six of the top 25 are located in Hawaii.  Three of them are on Maui. 

Here’s how the Hawaii locations ranked:

4.  Poipu on South Coast of Kauai

9.  Lahaina on West Maui

12. Wailea on South Maui

14. Honolulu on Oahu

15. Hana on East Maui

20. Kailua-Kona on the West Coast of the Big Island

What are your thoughts on the list?  Did TripAdvisor members get it right? I guess I’m a little surprised that Volcano or Hilo on the Big Island didn’t make the list.

  1. Wow, As I looked over the list I realized just how badly I’m addicted to Hawaii. I live within 150 miles of 5 of the top ten items on the list. I get to the islands more often than to most of these places.

    1. Lake Tahoe
    2. Big Sur
    3. San Francisco
    7. Carmel
    8. Napa Valley
    19. Monterey


  2. David – is there a support group for us Hawaii addicts? 😉

  3. @Shelia – I though this was the support group for Hawaii addicts but we’re all stuck in denial that it’s a problem. 🙂

    In regards to the list, I guess it comes down to what they’re classifying as a destination. I mean, Hana on Maui as being #15? I agree, it’s a fascinating drive and an untouched beauty, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it as a Top 25 destination. It’s more of a one-day tour really. You could spend countless days in Lahaina doing all sorts of different things, for example, which I think would better qualify as a destination.

  4. LOL Kris – I’m afraid this site might actually be feeding the addiction. 🙂

    Very good point and interesting observation about Hana. Though I’d like to spend two or so nights in Hana, I think I might get bored if I stayed any longer.

    I just checked TripAdvisor and it only lists 4 resorts in Hana and I quickly tallied up the total number of rooms listed….it’s only 93 rooms. So, it’s kind of hard to understand how it can be such a popular destination.

  5. I can’t believe the Big Island was snubbed. As for Volcanoes National Park, it is not always pleasant anymore with the vog alerts!

  6. HVG – the good news is that Big Island wasn’t snubbed. Kailua-Kona made the list at number 20.

    Volcanoes National Park is more fascinating than pleasant to me. I’m just surprised that TripAdvisor members weren’t as interested in flocking to see the active volcano. Maybe they are taking day trips from Kona. 🙂

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