Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for April 8th

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has re-opened the Jaggar Museum and overlook for visitors.  This is great news for visitors who want to observe the ash plume erupt from Halemaumau crater.  If you can’t get there to see if for yourself, you can see it on the semi-live web camera.  By the way, I’ve checked the web cam view several times during Hawaii’s early morning hours and I’ve noticed a distinct red glow.
  • If you’ve been stranded in Hawaii because of the ATA or Aloha shut down, then see these updates for ATA and for Aloha for flight alternatives. 
  • Alaska Airlines will begin daily flights between Maui and Seattle starting July 17th.  Tickets for these flights go on sale April 10th.  (Source)
  • The Hawaii Superferry sailed yesterday for the first time in seven weeks.  Now that Aloha Airlines is gone, I’m glad there is another alternative for Oahu/Maui travel.  Before you book a ticket, you may want to think twice if you have a weak stomach.  I’ve not sailed with the Superferry, but I have sailed on the Molokai Ferry and it was a miserable ride and I’m not even prone to sea sickness. 
  • What’s the best day of the week to find the best travel deals?  Some say Tuesday and some say Wednesday.  What’s your opinion? 
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