Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for March 17th

Here’s the news on today’s St. Patty’s Day edition.

  • Delta and Hawaiian Airlines are partnering on earning and redeeming frequent flier miles
  • New research conducted in Hawaii’s waters indicate that young humpback whales make noises.
  • What’s the average cost of a hotel room in Hawaii?  The recent numbers indicate a statewide average cost of $211 per night.  Maui rates are on the rise at $280 while Oahu continues to offer the lowest rates at $179.  Kauai averaged $218 and the Big Island cost an average of $198 per night.  (Source)
  • Go Visit Hawaii was awarded an honor by Homespun Honolulu.  This blog was rated "E – for Excellent".  Mahalo, Evelyn, for your support and encouragement!
  • And finally, as it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll post a photo of something green.  Here’s a photo of the green pasture land on the Kohala Mountain of the Big Island.  I’ve been to Ireland and the rolling green hills along route 250 of Hawaii reminded me of the landscape of Ireland.

Kohala Mountain

  1. BEAUTIFUL pic! Upcountry on any island is always my favorite! There’s something about feeling like you’re in the middle of pastures and rolling hills and then looking makai and seeing the ocean.

  2. Thank you, Angie. I like the Upcountry, too. In fact, I love the diversity of landscapes and climates in Hawaii, in general. I think that the Upcountry tends to surprise people that it’s really in Hawaii. It’s so different from the paradigm of palm trees and beautiful beaches. πŸ™‚

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