Hawaii lava is on the move to the ocean!


Lava has suddenly started moving rapidly towards the ocean at a clip of a half mile per day.  If you click on the Hawaii Volcano Observatory image on the left, you’ll be able to see an expanded map with a legend.  As of today, from the image, it appears that the lava is approximately a half mile from the ocean.

As I reported last week, lava viewing through Royal Gardens has been off limits, but, in a new development, the Star Bulletin is reporting that Hawaii County is preparing a lava viewing site.

“By the end of this week, we’ll have a nice safe place for people to view one of nature’s greatest wonderments, its power, its creativity,” said Mayor Harry Kim.

My heart started pounding quicker when I learned that the lava may be flowing to a point I could actually see it.  I’m going to the Big Island next week and in the past, I’ve never been lucky enough to see the lava from the ground, only from the air.  So, I hope that in the next three weeks, God willing, I’ll be able to bring you some current photos and video of the lava flow.  Please keep your fingers crossed. 

  1. I hope you do! We’ve been lucky enough to see it twice, once in the park at 4am with our friend and once close to where its flowing now for 3 hours by ourselves. It is something that is so amazing you can barely find words to describe it. Take in the smell, the little lava chips popping off the top as it slightly hardens and even the heat as one wind shift can give you a blast furnace effect. Have a great time!

  2. Hi Angie – Thank you for your comment and nice wishes. Your experiences sound absolutely AMAZING! How close were you able to get to the flow?

  3. Both times we were able to poke the lava with our walking sticks. We’ve posed next to it while feeling our arm hairs singe. LOL It is IMPERATIVE you learn as much as possible about the sights, sounds and smells too. This was invaluable to us:


    When we were there with our friend, we had gas masks with us and while people were choking on the sulfuric acid in the air, we were fine. We might’ve looked dorky but we didn’t care. We had about 2 hours on that trip but we could hear methane explosions in the distance and lava swishing under us in a nearby tube. With the dawn’s morning light, the “show” was going to fade so we went ahead and left when visitors arrived.

    I know it sounds crazy but definitely bring an offering for Pele. Both times right after we offered leis and gin, the lava brokeout into an amazing show! Sooo cool!

  4. Angie – Whoa…that’s pretty darn close!! I think I might try to see it from a bit more of a distance. πŸ™‚ I’ll make sure to pack my binoculars.
    I was joking with my husband earlier today that Pele must read this blog because just last week I posted about how lava’s not flowing to (unrestricted) viewing area or to the ocean. At that time lava was moving fairly slowly and pooling up in the flats. Well, lo and behold, Pele put a change to that and in a hurry! I think it’s so exciting!

  5. Looks like many locals and tourist will have a show. By boat and helicopter and viewing areas a truly amazing this to watch as it hits the ocean. Make sure to check your shoes and not bring back any lava or the Godess Palai may give you miss fortune. You’ll see when you get there what I am talking about.

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