Kauai Video Tour by Helicopter – Stunning Virtual Visit and Vacation Planning Resource

Blue Hawaiian HelicoptersToday we take an aerial virtual visit to Kauai, thanks to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. As I mentioned yesterday in the Maui virtual visit, I am tremendously impressed with the quantity and quality of Blue Hawaiian Helicopter videos and to be sure, their Kauai videos will not disappoint!

The entertaining Kauai videos show the major highlights of Kauai. You’ll find videos of some remote areas that can only be seen by either long strenuous hikes, boat, kayak, helicopter or plane. I particularly enjoyed seeing the videos of the Na Pali coast, Waimea Canyon, Poihale Beach, and the top of Mt. Waiaeleale on a clear sunny moment (a rarity).

Spend some time exploring all the sections of Kauai with the interactive map. If you hover your mouse over the ovals on the map, it will tell you the name of that particular region.

In addition to these videos being fantastically beautiful, a savvy Kauai vacation planner can also use the videos and photos as a helpful planning guide. Here are some ideas of how you use these valuable videos:

  • Get acquainted with the overall geography and terrain of Kauai.
  • Make note of the scenery that catches your eye so that you can plan a visit into your itinerary.
  • Get an idea of what you might see on a helicopter tour of Kauai, which I personally enjoyed. (Don’t forget to spend some time using these tips to find the best Kauai helicopter tour option for you.)
  • If you are visiting Kauai from a cruise, your time on Kauai will be limited, so take a look at the videos and see what strikes your fancy.
  • Use the videos and photos to help you select your hotel or condo.
    • Determine the area of the island where you’d like to stay. One of the toughest decisions I had to make when I was first planning a Kauai vacation is what part of the island. After much flip flopping, I chose the North Shore, which I ended up being really pleased with that decision. I think these videos would have helped me make my decision quicker.
    • See the hotels on the video and aerial photos to get an idea of the building layouts and the number and sizes of the pools.
    • See the surroundings of a hotel and consider whether it is remote or shoehorned in next to another complex.

Though the videos do provide an excellent virtual Kauai tour by helicopter, nothing beats actually taking a helicopter tour. The helicopter tour I took of Kauai was definitely a highlight of my trip. I’ll close this post with one of the photos we took from our Kauai helicopter tour. This photo is of the Na Pali Coast.

Na Pali Coast from a Helicopter

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