Top 7 Reasons Why Hawaii is Romantic

Maui Sunset with Tiki torches

Hawaii truly exudes romance. Whether you go to Maui, Kauai, Oahu or Lanai, you’ll be sure to kindle or rekindle the flames of passion. What is it about Hawaii that attracts so many people for weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries? Let’s explore why. Here are my top seven reasons to celebrate love in Hawaii.

1. Gorgeous Sunsets
Watching a sunset over the Pacific Ocean is probably one of the most romantic things you can do in Hawaii. It’s even more romantic when you watch it while sharing a picnic on a beach. When you live in a landlocked state, sunsets are not normally very dramatic. In Hawaii, you not only watch the sun sink into the ocean, but you also get to enjoy all the hues of the sky just after sunset. The colors of passion, such as pinks, purples, and reds fill the sky.

2. The Aloha Spirit
Most people know that the word aloha means hello and goodbye, but did you know it also means love? The aloha spirit in Hawaii is a spirit of love. It’s a spirit of caring, sharing, and giving. The aloha spirit puts the needs of others first. Isn’t that what love is all about? Just think how strong our relationships and marriages can be if we learn to live with an aloha spirit!

3. The Beaches
It is certainly no secret that Hawaii has stunningly beautiful beaches. Imagine yourself sitting and your loved one at a beach in Hawaii. Picture the lava rocks stretching out from the shore to the ocean. Admire the ocean’s shades of azure blue. Hear the waves lapping on to the shore. Feel the tropical breeze. Hear the palm fronds rustling in the breeze. Isn’t it relaxing? Doesn’t it make you forget any troubles you might have back at home? Doesn’t it reset your priorities? Doesn’t it make you refocus your attention on the relationships that matter most? Doesn’t it make you want to give your loved one a big ol’ smooch? Of course it does!

4. The Seclusion
It’s really not hard to find a beach or a hiking trail in Hawaii that you feel like you have all to yourselves. When just the two of you get to enjoy stunning scenery like a hike into Waimea Canyon, for example, or a sunset on a secluded Kapalua beach, it just makes you appreciative of what you’re seeing and sharing together. These are the experiences that create the memories that last you a lifetime.

5. The Stargazing
Hawaii has very little “light pollution” which allows you to see an amazing star-filled sky. Imagine staring at the sky while holding hands with your sweetheart. Ooo la la!

6. The Tiki Torches
Everyone knows that the soft glow and flickering flame of a candle creates a romantic atmosphere. Tiki torches do the same, but on a larger scale. Every resort in Hawaii lights tiki torches at sunset. Usually there will be two torches crossed together. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I always think that the two torches together symbolize two lovers. It’s beautiful and just thinking about it right now makes me love sick for Hawaii.

7. The Spas
Hawaii’s spas are top notch. Many spas offer couples massages. At some spas, you can even get a private couples in a hut on the beach. How romantic is that?! A massage in Hawaii helps you to unwind and relax and leaves you with a natural high.


As today is Valentines Day, I couldn’t resist writing about the romantic aspects of Hawaii. I’d like to think that this post is my Valentines card to Hawaii. I love you, Hawaii!

Happy Valentines Day!

  1. I have really been considering Hawaii for my fiance’s and my honeymoon, but after seeing this article I think I have decided yes.

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