Hawaii’s Lava Tree State Park

In the Puna area of the Big Island, you’ll find Lava Tree State Park. In this park you’ll find many examples of lava trees. What’s a lava tree, you ask? It’s the remnant of the tree that was once surrounded by lava. The moisture of the tree kept the lava from burning the tree and the lava creates a mold around the tree trunk.

Lava Tree Park is located off Pahoa-Pohoiki Road (Hwy 132) 2.7 miles Southeast of Pahoa on the East side of Hawaii’s Big Island. Here’s a neat YouTube video about lava trees:

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  1. I live not far from this park and go there when family and friends come to visit. My advice is to bring mosquito repellent, especially if you plan to have lunch in the pavillion!!

  2. Thanks, HVG, for the mosquito repellent reminder. When we were there, I think we had the park all to ourselves. Is it always that quiet?

  3. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely visit the Lava Tree State Park when I travel to Hawaii. I liked the YouTube video… interesting.

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