Maui Whalewatching Tours

Last month, we reported about the first humpback whale sighting of this season in Hawaii. The Pacific Whale Foundation has reported seeing three different whale species on a exploring cruise just last week. They saw humpback whales, false killer whales, and bottlenose dolphins. Hawaii’s whalewatching season starts at about late November and goes through May 15th.

image If you are looking for a whalewatching tour, consider the eco-tours that the Pacific Whale Foundation have to offer. The foundation is a non-profit organization. The revenues generated from their tours go to promote education, conservation, and protection of whales, dolphins, and coral reefs. So, not only would you be seeing some of the best humpback whalewatching in the world with the experts, but you will also be supporting the preservation of this endangered species.  On top of that, the Pacific Whale Foundation tours are eco-friendly by using bio-fuels on their catamarans.  Another great plus of their tours is that they use hydrophones which are microphones placed in the water.  With the hydrophones, you’ll be able to hear the males humpbacks singing

The Pacific Whale Foundation tours are staffed with expert marine naturalists. For recommendations on how to choose a whalewatching tour and to learn what to expect, check out these FAQs. Their two-hour whalewatching tours start at $22.95 for adults and $17 for children ages 7 – 12. Children ages six and under are free. They guarantee whale sightings or you’ll get a voucher for a free trip. You can book online or call 1-800-942-5311. To get an idea of what a whalewatching tour is like, you can watch this brief promotional video provided by the Pacific Whale Foundation.

  1. Maui whale watching, now you’ve really got my attention.

    Pacific Whale Foundation also staff’s a free “Whale Information Station” at the Scenic Lookout near mile marker #9 on hwy 30, the road from the airport to Lahaina. There’s a naturalist on hand to answer your questions, binoculars for whale spotting, whale artifacts, color guides and more. The Information Station opens this season on December 15th and is staffed daily from about 8am to 2pm.

    It’s sponsored by the Hawaii Tourism Authority and County of Maui Office of Economic Development.

    Want to listen to the whales sing? Check out This Maui group puts a hydrophone in the water each year during whale season and streams the audio over the internet.

  2. David – I’ve actually got a post coming up later this week about the free info center. 🙂

    The Maui Ocean Center also has a lot of great info on humpback whales. That’s a great place to spend part of a rainy day.

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