A Reminder to Verify Your Flights

Most people that I know book their flights to Hawaii months in advance of their trip.  We assume that the flights will go according to schedule and without hiccups.  In this travel troubleshooter scenario, a couple booked flights via CheapTickets.com on US Airways flights from Dallas to Kauai via Phoenix.  When they arrived in Phoenix for their connecting flight, they discovered that their flight had left two hours earlier. The schedule had changed and they weren’t notified. They ended up flying to LA, staying overnight there and flying to Honolulu then onto Kauai the next day.  That’s certainly not the start that anyone would like to their much anticipated trip to Kauai.  

The reason this couple was inconvenienced is that the airline changed their schedule without notifying them and making alternative arrangements.  Both the ticket seller and the airline should have notified the couple, but obviously something fell through the cracks. Incidents like these should be isolated, but they still happen and I don’t want them to happen to you.  The lesson here for all of us is that it is a good idea to periodically check that your flights are proceeding as scheduled.  At least, check the schedule day before your flight. You can either check directly by calling the airline or at the airline’s web site.  The earlier you detect an issue, the more likely the airlines can react and get you on a suitable alternative. 

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  1. It’s a great idea to confirm your flights, it basically tells the airline that you’re serious about showing up and they won’t give away your seat.

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