Are You a Sunrise or Sunset Person?

Happy Aloha Friday!

I just love waking early to watch sunrise or pausing from a busy day to watch sunsets while in Hawaii. There is certainly something magical about it. Do you make it a point to watch sunrise or sunsets on your vacations? Which do you prefer to watch?

Here is one of my favorite sunset photos that we took near Lahaina on Maui.

Here is one of many sunrise photos that we took at the top of Haleakala on Maui.

  1. When we were in Hawaii we watched the sunset EVERY day! We only watched the sunrise wen we went up to Haleakala. Although we were on East Coast time, we forced ourselves to not roll out of bed so early. Maybe next time…

  2. We’re pretty much the same when we go to Maui, seeing how easy it is to enjoy the sunset anywhere you happen to be on the island around that time. We were hoping to go to Haleakala on our last in September, but my wife didn’t like the idea about getting up at 3am to catch the tour bus.

    Come June when we had back, we’re going to try and do the Haleakala sunrise the first morning that we’re there while our bodies are still on Chicago time. We’ve been told that helps.

  3. @ Lissete – I bet you have a collection of beautiful sunset photos from your trip.

    @ Kris – What you’ve heard about it being easy to get up early for the Haleakala sunrise on the first day or two is correct. I’ve never really had a problem getting up early and the experience is worth the effort. Thanks for your first time comment at GoVisitHawaii.

  4. I haven’t been on too many vacations. But I always try to catch the sunrise if I can, we have beautiful sunrises here in New Mexico.

  5. I am a big sunset fan! I suppose I would love sunrises just as much, but I’m never awake that early! The few times I’ve seen a sunrise, it has been beautiful!

  6. I never really thought about it but it does make a difference if I’m at home or on vacation. On vacation, I love watching sunsets. It’s such a beautiful ending to a happy day!

  7. Oh my, that’s a tough one as I love both the sunrise and sunset. The sunrise is always such a peaceful time and I am usually up before the sun to enjoy that peace. The sunset is a colorful painting in tribute to a beautiful day. Both are simple delights I enjoy and love to see.

  8. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts on sunrise and sunset. It sounds like no matter which one you prefer, you always get a sense of peace watching the sun come up or go down.

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