A Great Reason to Travel to Oahu

If you’ve been staying up late at night racking your brain trying to think of a good reason to go to Oahu, then I’ve found a great excuse for you.  Some of Oahu’s better hotels are teaming together to help raise funds for the Susan G. Koman affiliate in Hawaii.  As you probably know this organization raises funds to cure breast cancer and increase awareness.  The program is called “Travel Pink! Travel Oahu.”  The hotel offers vary by location, but many of them include great freebies.  The Hilton Hawaiian Village offer is available through December 20th and the Royal Hawaiian offer extends into July 31, 2008.  If you are interested in visiting Oahu, you can order a free Oahu travel planner from the Oahu Visitors Bureau.  

  1. LOL Kailani. I should have expected that you’d like a pink vacation. 🙂

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