Hawaii Luau


I’m going to be working on a luau article listing luaus by island and some suggestions for selecting a luau for your Hawaiian vacation.  Have you been to a luau in Hawaii?  Did you like it?  Please share your advice in the comments.

Note:  We took the photo above at the Old Lahaina Luau on Maui.

  1. Hi Sheila I’ve been to two Luaus in Oahu, Germaines and Paradise Cove. The Germaines was really fun and had me cracking up throughout most of it. But the Paradise Cove had some amazing dancing. Such as the fire dance and a really fast Hula by a former Miss Hawaii. Thanks for talking about Luaus. Emma

  2. Hi Emma. Thanks for sharing your luau experiences. I think it was interesting that you mentioned the entertainment. I’m the same way. I love the Polynesian dancing and Hawaiian hula and the stories the dances tell. I enjoy the music and I love the costumes. I like tasting the luau food, but it’s not my top reason for going to a luau. Did you like the food at Germaines and Paradise Cove?

  3. We were in Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary & I will admit that going to a luau was not something that interested me – but I went. My husband & I went to the Paradise Cove luau this past June (’07) & had a wonderful time. The food was interesting but good, the show was excellent & even though the place was packed – you didn’t feel like a sardine. I must also give kudos to our guide on the bus (Linden) that picked us up from our hotel – he had us laughing all the way there & then all the way back to our hotel. We are going back this June (’08) & I am already trying to set it up so we have Linden as our guide again. He made the whole trip worth it.

  4. Hi Laurie – Mahalo for sharing your luau experience from Paradise Cove. I loved hearing your story about Linden. It’s people like him that make a vacation experience special. My husband and I still talk about a nice waiter, Omar, that we met in Jamaica over 8 years ago. There’s probably a dozen more that we remember from our vacations over the years.

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