Hello, Mr. Shark!


I took this photo at the Mauna Lani Resort on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island. While staying here, I stopped by the shark pool at least once a day.  It was mesmerizing watching them swim around.   

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  1. It’s kind of freaky to see them so close without a glass panel between you and them.

  2. Nice one! I love your pictures, Sheila. The thing about living in Hawaii is you should never leave home without a camera.

  3. Sheila, ‘Mr. Shark’ is probably swimming back and forth and back and forth on that pool because he’s really rather be out in the open ocean or cruising along a pretty reef.

  4. Oops, couple of typos above, but you get what I meant. (Hey, it’s not yet 6AM here: need more coffee.)

  5. @ Kailani – It is kind of freaky, but what’s freakier is to be snorkeling and see one out in the open. I saw a 5′ reef shark in Hulopoe Bay at Lanai. He just did his thing and I did mine and we were fine.

    @ Charley – Mahalo for stopping by and commenting for the first time! You are so right, Hawaii is filled with so many picturesque places.!

    @ Bobbie – that’s the downside of having any kind of captivity. The upside is it gives people a chance to admire the sharks and see how graceful they are. Oh…and I didn’t even notice your typos, but do enjoy that next cup of coffee! 🙂

  6. Yes, Bobbie, you are right, the pool for the baby sharks (outside the hotel) and the sting rays (inside the hotel) at mauna lani is not big but many people would otherwise never see a shark or sting ray in real.

    Mauna Lani also does a great educational ‘fish tour’ for kids and adults where they feed all the tropical fish and tell kids about them. Biggest fun for the kids is when they can feed the turtles lettuce and at the end of the tour, kids get some fish food which koi fish eat out of their hands! Don’t miss that when on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island. Aloha, Pua

  7. What a cool photo! That is pretty close up. I can’t imagine snorkeling with sharks. I would totally freak out!

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