And the winner is….

image We randomly selected the winner of the Hawaii themed giveaway today.  Congratulations to Paul Indelicato! When I informed Paul that he had won, he had this to say, “The difference in life between dreams and reality is action. Don’t wait ’til it’s too late. 
Thanks to GoVisitHawaii for all your great information and a great contest. Oahu bound in October 2008.”  That’s some very sound advice.

Many thanks to all the people who entered and blogged about the contest! I wish I had more prizes to give away because I really appreciate the Go Visit Hawaii readers! One of the unexpected surprises of the contest, is that I met lots of nice new people.

Stay tuned and subscribed.   It was so much fun offering the contest that I plan to announce another giveaway later this month.  I’ll be in Hawaii this week and I’ll be in search of another fun prize.  Any suggestions?

  1. Congratulations to Paul!!!

    You know what would be a fun pack for a child as a giveaway would be some lei(s)… I hoped I spelled that right… along with some maybe souvenir like items of Hawaii.

    I know my children would enjoy something like but then again maybe we are a family of bookworms and just love to learn about other states, and such.

  2. Congratulations! I think I will go buy myself some macs as a prize for myself.

    I have some prize suggestions. My friend wen to Hawaii and brought back the best smelling candle in a coconut shell. I think this would be a great prize. Maybe some dried coconut too.

  3. suggestions?

    hawaii tshirt, beach towel, mini surf board, something shell like, lei’s, keychains


    i better win something next time! lol

    have fun in hawaii

  4. Matthew – excellent suggestions once again! You always have great ideas and I appreciate your inspiring post on rewarding your readers.

  5. 🙂 well feel free to give us a little mention if you decide to us any of those prizes, we will be entering again. I plan on launching a new contest soon just gotta work out the details.

  6. Matthew – will do…it’s been too long since I’ve mentioned BAYB. I think the last time I mentioned it was when I voted for your post on Daniel’s Daily Blog Tips writing contest. Sorry it’s been too long. Please bear with me.

  7. Sheila, I received the prize package yesterday. Everything was just fine. I couldn’t believe my wife and daughter waited for me to get home from work to open it! I’m gonna put the little Hula dancer on my desk at work so I can look at her and daydream about being on the islands. Thanks again for the great prize, and to all those folks that didn’t win, if you come by far western North Carolina, I’ll be glad to share the mac nuts with you. But, you better hurry! They’re going fast! 🙂 Mahalo Ya’ll

  8. Paul – Excellent! I’m so glad the package made it to you. I used the automated package postage machine at the post office for the first time and wasn’t entirely sure I used it properly. Sounds like you are enjoying the prize!

  9. LOL Wave Shoppe.

    Thanks for introducing me to your post about the gift you received. I can assure you that it was not the inspiration for the prize pack which included more and different items. I am a big fan of mac nuts and one of my readers suggested a hula girl. I included a lei, candle, postcards, etc.

    I suspect that many people have been giving away gifts of hula girl figurines and mac nuts. Just take a look in any gift shop, Hilo Hattie or ABC store in Hawaii. I don’t claim credit for inventing the idea.

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