Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for July 2nd

Here are the latest articles and tidbits catching my eye and worth passing along.

  • As you know, I’m an amateur volcano nerd.  🙂  So, I frequently check the latest happenings from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Today I found this cool diagram depicting the recent changes and (temporary?) lull in lava flow. 


  • Hawaii is a wonderful hiking destination.  Most hikes in Hawaii offer very rewarding views as well as an up close look into the flora and fauna.   The Sun Herald has an article on the growing interest in hiking on Oahu.  (Oahu hiking related post.)


  • Want to get a free flight that might help you get  to Hawaii?  Jaunted offers tips for using the recent trend of oversold flights to your advantage. 


  • In this travel briefs column from The Wichita Eagle, a reader provides insight on her cruise to Hawaii.  She says a cruise is the “easiest and cheapest way to see four islands.”  She also says that she loved Hawaii so much that she is going back in November.  Ah, she caught the bug, too.  🙂
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