Paris in Maui – Where Does She Stay?

So, the current hot topic in the news is that Paris Hilton arrived in Maui attempting to go incognito in a black wig and rather large straw hat.  [Um hello, sister, a big straw hat draws attention!] 

Though there are loads of reports and photos of Paris Hilton in the Maui airport, there are no reports of where she’s staying.  So, I’m just curious, where does a recently incarcerated, rich hotel heiress stay in Maui?  My guess is that she is staying in the family owned hotel – the Waldorf-Astoria branded Grand Wailea Resort and Spa.  The most luxurious accommodations at the Grand Wailea are the suites.  Here’s how the best suite is described:

no expense was spared in designing each of the two exquisite 5,500 square foot Grand Suites. The panoramic ocean views are simply breathtaking – the best in the resort. Richly decorated with wood paneled walls, museum quality art work, a grand piano, lavish furnishings in the living area, master and guest bedrooms, and marble bathrooms. Optional adjoining room is available to create a three bedroom suite.

The suite’s 5,500 square feet is quite a bit bigger than her last accommodations –  a 96 square foot jail cell.  Is this a lavish enough place for Paris to stay?  Or could there be some place even swankier?

Update:  She actually stayed next door to the Grand Wailea at the Four Seasons.

  1. The Grand Wailea would probably be the most likely place she’d stay. Not sure if she’s looking for the swankiest place, but when it comes to top-rated hotels, I don’t think there’s any other hotel that could beat the Grand Wailea. 🙂

  2. If I was her, I would probably stay on the island of Molokai or on the island Lanai where it is less crowded. Turtle Bay Resort on the Oahu’s North Shore is a great place too, it’s far from the noise of Waikiki. My daughter saw Julia Roberts at Turtle Bay Resort a few months ago after a Polynesian Cultural Center international promo team performance. Celebrities seem to enjoy getting some rest and privacy there.

  3. Chris – that sounds like such a logical idea for Paris to retreat away from the limelight, however, I think she actually likes being the focus of attention.

    That’s neat that your daughter saw Julia Roberts at Turtle Bay. I bet she was staying in the beach cottages. While my husband and I were walking near the beach cottages when we saw an actor from ER, Abraham Benrubi,

    I’ve read that stars also like the cottages at the Mauna Lani on the Big Island. I also read about Eddie Murphy and Arnold the Govenator were spotted at the Four Seasons on Maui.

  4. John: Funny comment right there. lol

    Living in Hawaii has its own set of problems. It’s one thing to visit from time to time; it’s another thing to live here. The biggest problem is that the wages are not on par with the cost of living. This is the reason why you’ll see so many homeless people living on beaches, particularly around the western coastlines of Oahu.

  5. I wish Paris Hilton could have thought of some destitute places in the world that need help and visited them after leaving prison. If she had done her interviews in those locations, she could have had the massive amount of media focus some attention on the problems people face in those areas.

    I would like to recommend to her that she visit the country of Bangladesh, they have some wonderful people living there who have great ideas about resolving conflicts and helping people in distress.

    After visiting all those countries in need, then I would recommend a vacation to Maui or any other Hawaiian island.

  6. To John & Eivissu – I don’t know what it is like to live in Hawaii, but based on how much I’ve loved it from all my vacations there, I sure wouldn’t mind giving it a try. 🙂 I just doubt I could afford it. From what i saw on my last trip to Oahu, the housing prices are astronomical, even for a very modest looking home!

    To Chirs – I am in total agreement. Paris knows that she has all this media attention right now. So if she was a “reformed socialite” as she somewhat tried to portray in her Larry King interview, she should/could have taken advantage of the situation to help put the focus on a something far more deserving!

  7. Ellebelle – thanks for that link. You are absolutely right…that is at the Grand Waliea. Maybe my guess was right after all? 🙂

  8. You’re welcome Sheila!

    I stayed at the Grand Wailea back in May which is how I recognized it. Their pools are great, but I wasn’t that impressed overall, holding it to a very high standard. Their carpets were dirty, loud clinking from carts outside – and we stayed in a deluxe ocean view room so it was a long walk from the elevators. We were going to stay in the Towers in August but decided on a 2 bedroom villa at the Fairmont instead. Yay for a kitchen, BBQ and plunge pool!

  9. Ellebelle- that’s good info to know about the Grand Wailea. I’ve been to the hotel a couple of times for the spa and restaurants, but never actually stayed there. (I loved the spa!) I thought the the Grand Wailea’s decor and art selection was a bit odd. It felt more like a museum than a Hawaiian resort. The Princeville resort in Kauai is almost as odd, too.

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