Oahu Views – Sea Turtle

On our way to look for the Lost survivors camp north of the Hale’iwa Beach Park, it was such a treat to find this turtle napping and sun bathing.  If you encounter a turtle in Hawaii, be sure and do not approach them or touch them.  Just stay back several feet to admire them.

  1. Luckily, they’re not aggressive, but if one should attack, you’d only have about 5 hours, to make your escape. 😉

  2. Very Funny Andy! The turtles have such stringent laws protecting them, you cannot even approach, touch or handle dead ones. There’s a hotline to call if you see any dead ones, which you do on frequent occasion, especially because they are a delicacy for sharks! Although eating turtle has been banned for several years, I hear it tastes like chicken… some even say like beef.

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