Why I’m Jealous of West Coasters

The West Coast of the US has the redwoods, Napa Valley, Hollywood, wonderful national parks, etc.  But what makes me jealous of people who live on the west coast?  It’s because they can take weekend trips to Hawaii. 

I’ve just finished reading this lovely story by Joshua A.H. Harris from the California Bay Area.  His wife surprised him with a weekend birthday trip to Kauai.  On his weekend get away, he gets to relax, hike, watch whales, and snorkel.  He concludes the story of his weekend trip with this:  

For most people (including me, before this trip), it seems like Hawaii is too far away for a long-weekend jaunt. Yet with so many extraordinary experiences and awe-inspiring natural phenomena, one perfect day in Hawaii can feel like a week’s worth of vacation elsewhere.

When we got home, I could not believe that we had been gone only a couple of days.

If that isn’t an endorsement for visiting Hawaii, I don’t know what is!  So, if you live on the West Coast and are looking for a weekend get away, maybe you should Go Visit Hawaii. 


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