Dramatic New Lava Video from the Big Island

Reports of dramatic a new lava flow into the ocean are popping up across news sites.   According to the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, on May 16th, a new ocean lava entry developed.  This new entry point is called Poupou

Though new lava flow into the ocean has produced some fascinating video, it is difficult to view without a long and fairly difficult hike.  The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park’s official web site reports:

Currently, lava is flowing into the ocean in a remote area of the park, 4 1/2 miles beyond the ranger station at the end of Chain of Craters Road – a 4 – 6 hour roundtrip hike. Please note that areas of the park(along the coastline) have been closed by the superintendent due to the potential for land collapse.

To find the latest Kilauea Volcano eruption reports, visit the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory web site.  They are currently describing the overall eruption viewing opportunities as  “scant”.   They described the view of the new Poupou entry point as, “Incandescence was visible at the Poupou entry at night.”

Here is another link to a  news site that has raw video of the Poupou lava flow into the ocean.

CBS 13


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  1. Great video, Sheila. I have friends who live near the National Park and just went to visit them for Christmas. Too bad I missed this spectacular display!

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