ABC’s The Bachelor & The Bachelorette in Hawaii

Bachelorette update: see this link for the scoop on where Jillian, the Bachelorette, went on Maui and The Bachelorette season-finale on Hawaii’s Big Island.

OK, I admit it, I’m a closet fan of ABC’s show “The Batchelor”.  I especially enjoyed last  night’s episode because it was filmed in Hawaii.   The bachelor is Lt Andy Baldwin who is an undersea medical officer for special opeations dive unit stationed in Pearl Harbor on Oahu.  On the show, the bachelor and his three “girlfriends” first go to the visit to the USS Arizona Memorial.  Then they are off to Kauai for zip lining, hiking and snorkeling in and around Kauai.  (For a brief wrap up of the episode, click here.)

So, in this episode, the bachelor refers to Kauai as “the most romantic of the Hawaiian Islands”.  I’ve heard Kauai referred to as the Garden Isle, but never the most romantic isle.  So, I started wondering which Hawaiian Island is the most romantic?  I’ve felt that they are all romantic.  What do you think?  Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. It would be hard to beat Kauai, it’s so green and lush. I think each island has its romantic places. Maui’s Hana is certainly high on the list.

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