Hawaii’s Big Island – When to Go


There’s really not a bad time to visit the Big Island of Hawaii, but some months are better than others for Hawaii weather and your budget. Ideally, we recommend visiting the Big Island from mid-March (for the end of humpback whale watching season) through May. We also recommend the fall months of September, October, and even into November for finding the best deals plus nice weather.

The busiest time to visit the Big Island is around any holiday, especially Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentines Day, Easter and Independence Day (July 4th). Summer months (from mid-June through August) are also popular as families come to the island for summer vacations. These busy times are also some of the most expensive times to visit Hawaii.  So try to avoid them if you can.

The Big Island’s weather is pleasantly warm and tropical all year-round. The daily average temperatures range from mid-70’s to mid-80’s in the major resort areas. In the higher elevations such as Waimea and Volcano, the temperatures can be a bit cooler, especially at night.

The Big Island is really one of the best places to stay on Hawaii to avoid rain. The amount of rainfall varies based on what side of the island you are on. The east side (Hilo side) averages 132 inches of rain each year, mostly falling overnight. The west side (Kona side) averages only 10 inches of rain per year in the Kohala Coast region. Most of the rain in Hawaii tends to fall in the winter months of November through February. See the following charts for average temperatures and rainfall by month:

Humpback whale season can be an exciting time to visit Hawaii. Many whales tend to hover near the Kohala Coast of the Big Island. During the months of January through March, you will frequently see humpback whales surfacing to breath, breach out of the water and splash. It’s a spectacular time to be on the islands.

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