Is April a good month to vacation in Hawaii?

After taking a look at March, we’re moving on to examine whether April is a good month to visit Hawaii. Before we review the details, I want to reiterate that just about any time is a great time to visit Hawaii. I wouldn’t hesitate to hop on a plane to Hawaii any month of the year and April is no exception. We have visited Hawaii multiple times in April and always had an enjoyable time.

tiki torch on an April evening

A tiki torch at sunset on a lovely April evening on Maui.

What’s the weather like in Hawaii during April?

April’s weather is usually quite mild. Daytime high temperature average in the high 70s to the low 80s F. Nighttime temperatures dip into the upper 60s F.

By April, the winter’s heavier rainfall levels have dwindled away — roughly cut in half. Here are the average rainfall levels by island for the month of April:

Kauai – 2.25 inches – This measurement is based on Lihue’s averages per Lihue is located on the southeastern side of the island and is not as wet as the North Shore, but not as dry as the South Shore.

Oahu – 1.18 inches – This average is based on Honolulu’s rainfall per North Shore rainfall will be a little higher, while Ko Olina’s rainfall will be slightly lower.

Maui – 1.55 inches – This average is based on Kahului’s rainfall per Kahului is where Maui’s main airport is, but it’s not typically considered a resort area like Wailea, Lahaina, Kaanapali and Kapalua. Kahului’s rainfall tends to be a bit higher than all the resort areas, with the exception of Hana on east Maui.

Hawaii, the Big Island – 0.59 inches – This average is based on Kailua-Kona’s weather per Kailua-Kona is a popular resort area. Further north on the Kohala Coast, the weather tends to be even drier with only about 10 – 12 inches of rain for the entire year! Hilo, on the east side of Hawaii Island, is another story though, with an average of 11.54 inches of rainfall for April per

Lanai – 2.60 inches – This average is for Lanai City in Lanai’s upcountry/highlands, which tends to get much more rain that the island’s sunny, beach resort at Manele Bay.

Molokai – 0.86 inches – This average is for the airport just west of Kaunakakai town. Weather towards the east side will be rainier.


This graph shows the average Hawaii rainfall trends. Data was collected at the airports.

While we just covered quite a bit of weather data, I want to reiterate that on average, April is not one of Hawaii’s rainiest months. If you are concerned about rain,there are plenty of places to stay in Hawaii to minimize your chances of experiencing rain in April. Additionally, Hawaii’s rain tends to fall mostly at night.

Is April a crowded time to visit Hawaii?

Overall, crowds are definitely low in April. From my analysis of 2012 and 2013 Hawaii Tourism Authority data, the number of visitors in April is below average. Other months with significantly below average visitor numbers are May, September, October and November — excluding holidays.

The only exception would be just around Easter if the holiday falls in April. From our April visits we have been in Hawaii during the Easter holiday, we haven’t really felt like any of the beaches, attractions or restaurants were too crowded. If your Hawaii vacation includes any holiday, I recommend you pre-book any activities and restaurants that you don’t want to miss.

Is April an expensive time to go to Hawaii?

With the exception of Easter, April is an average to slightly less expensive time to go to Hawaii for accommodation costs per Hawaii accommodation cost research we published.



Airfare rates in April tend to be about average or slightly less. We usually to travel to Hawaii when we find airfare deals and we’ve traveled to Hawaii quite a few times in April on good airfare deals.

Are there any special reasons to visit Hawaii in April?

The peak of humpback whale season is over by April, but if you are visiting Maui nui in April, you’ll probably still see quite a bit of whale activity. (The area between Maui, Lanai and Molokai has the highest concentration of humpback whales in Hawaii.) You might see humpbacks around other islands, but in our experience it’s much more unlikely.

Hawaii loves to celebrate music, food and culture. There’s almost always a festival or celebration of some sort that you can find in Hawaii. Hawaii’s biggest festival typically held in April is the Merrie Monarch Festival on Hawaii, the Big Island. It’s also the biggest Hawaiian culture festival of the year.


Have you been to Hawaii in April? Where did you go? How was your experience?

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  1. My wife and I met, married and lived on Oahu in the 70s and have visited Hawaii many times in different seasons of the year except for summer. We returned home last month from an extended stay this past winter. I will no longer tell people any time is good to visit and that the rain rarely ruins your visit. Beginning in mid January, we experienced many days of either total rain, high winds, high waves, or a combination of those conditions. There were a number of weeks when the weather would have very negatively affected people staying only that week. We were staying in Ko Olina, the “dry” side of the island! We love Hawaii, but you need to be realistic about potential weather conditions.

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