Maui – When to Go

You’ll find Maui’s warm tropical weather to be fairly consistent and pleasant throughout the year. Daytime highs range from the mid-70’s in the winter months to the mid-80’s in the summer months. At the coastal resort areas, evening low temperatures rarely dip below 60 degrees F in the winter. I’ve been to Maui all seasons of the year and I’ve always found the weather to be great.

Kaanapali Beach in the Morning from Maui Sheraton
Kaanapali Beach

Maui tends to receive the most rain between the months of November through March. That being said, rain generally falls in short bursts followed by the return of the sun with a rainbow. See our complete Maui weather guide for more details.

The best Maui hotel deals are offered in the months of April (except around Easter when Easter is in April), May, September, October, November and early December, with the exception of holidays. Typically these months are cheaper to visit Maui because the demand for hotel rooms is down. So, I should note that these months are much less crowded. See our article detailing the best times of the year to visit Hawaii.

In the winter months of January through March, humpback whales migrate to Hawaii to mate and give birth in the warm, sheltered waters. You can also see humpback whales in December and April, though not quite as many. We’ve actually seen humpback whales from Maui as late as the first week in May.  Maui is a particularly great island for whale watching. We have always loved visiting Maui in whale season.

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  1. Agree. My favorite island is Maui, no fwys, lots to visit, many attractions. Beautiful resorts, I stayed with my son and wife.

    Be has flight privileges which was heaven. I rate Maui a 10. Oahu is too crowded and fast paced, The BIG island is alright!

    Stay in Maui, loved Paia!!!!

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