Kauai New Year’s Eve Fireworks & Celebrations 2021/2022

We are in search of great things to do in Kauai for New Year’s Eve for 2021/2022. So, far we’re not hearing of any community-organized fireworks. Concerns about COVID continue to hamper big events that would draw a crowd.

The hotels and resort restaurants will have a festive atmosphere to celebrate the evening. So check with your accommodation to find out what they’ve got planned.

For special new year’s eve events in Kauai, here’s what we’ve found:

As we bid farewell to 2021 and welcome the new year of 2022, we wish you a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou, which is the Hawaiian way to say Happy New Year!

  1. Hi,

    Would like to know if there will be fireworks this year on December 31st for celebrating the New Year 2016 in Poipu, Kauai, HI?

    Many thanks.

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Per our source, yes, there will be fireworks again this year.

  2. Do you know if there will be enough parking available on site?

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      It depends on how many people decide to park in the area. To secure a parking spot, it’s best to arrive sooner rather than later.

  3. what is the best place to eat prior to fireworks?

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Not sure what’s available now. Brennecke‚Äôs is right on Poipu Beach Park near where the entertainment will be. Other choices would be Tidepools at the Hyatt and the Beach House, though they’re not immediately by Poipu Beach Park. Tidepools is closer than the Beach House.

    2. FishEyeKauai says:

      PC, you could also look into the following restaurants, which are all a short walk to Poipu Beach Park.

      Keoki’s Restaurant
      Cafe Anuenue
      Bangkok Happy Bowl/ RocknRoll Sushi
      Puka Dogs
      Plantation Gardens

      Aloha and Happy New Year

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      None to our knowledge.

  4. Doug Roth says:

    Heard there were fireworks in Kekaha at the Beach! Is this true? Thanks!

  5. What is the schedule of events for New year’s Eve 2017/2018 for Kauai?
    The current info is for 2016/2017.

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      We won’t know until late December

  6. Tammy Patenaude says:

    I would like to know if there are a New years Celebration with Fire Works In Kauai this year December, 31, 2017. I am staying in the Princeville area so prefer this area but please also let me know if there is celebrations in the other areas of the island.

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      We won’t know until December.

      In the past, the island’s only fireworks show is in Poipu.

  7. Great info…. thanks.

  8. Any chance you know if there will be food trucks this year at Poipu Beach?

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Yes, plans are in place for food trucks at Poipu Beach for New Year’s Eve.

  9. Hi

    I was just wondering about the time the fireworks start. On this page they mention sunset at around 8:15. Somewhere else they mention 9:20? Just wondering how to plan dinner


    1. Sheila Beal says:

      We’re not sure where you’re reading that sunset is at 8:15pm. It’s much earlier than that – more than 2 hours earlier at the end of December.

      Fireworks are at 8:15pm per our source.

  10. I was at the fireworks last year. It gets very dark before the fireworks and it is easy to get separated from your family. My advice is to make sure everyone has flashlights so you can signal each other. Cell phones would help too, as would everyone having some idea of where your beach blanket/chairs are relative to some “landmark” (my landmark last year was the beach bathroom).

    Also – unless you get to the food trucks early, be prepared for very long food truck lines around, say, dusk.

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