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Breathing with Ayr Helps

Have you ever taken a long flight and your nose gets uncomfortably dry.  I won’t get into the disgusting details and side effects, but let’s just say the dryness makes you wish you could pick the heck out of something. Recently my sweet friend Eleanor told me she’d been using Ayr this winter to help moisturize her nasal passages.  She ... Read More »

Iz – White Sandy Beach

Here’s one of my favorite Hawaiian tunes by one of my favorite Hawaiian artist, Iz (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole). Take a listen and instantly be transported to relaxation on a white sandy beach in Hawaii.If you like this song and video, you might also like this post on Iz singing another great tune, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. What’s your favorite Hawaiian song? Read More »

Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for March 11th

Lots and lots of news today. The lava flow on the Big Island is playing hide-and-seek. Some of the lava has started heading underground in lava tubes. We’re headed to the Big Island tomorrow, so please keep your fingers crossed that we’ll get to see some red liquid rock while we’re there. I’d love to share some fresh first hand ... Read More »

Expect to pay more to fill your tank in Hawaii.

Oh my, gas prices have hit an all time high in Hawaii. According to the Pacific Business News, the statewide average price for regular unleaded gas is $3.58 per gallon. The highest Hawaii price reported was $3.93 on Maui in Wailuku. I bet the prices in Lana’i are even higher. Eek! I hate to the the bearer of bad news, ... Read More »

Alert – Frisky Turtles Are in Hawaii’s Waters

A couple of tourist on Maui captured a rare photo of two sea turtles, um, well, ah, um being amorous.  The two love birds, I mean love turtles, were observed at DT Fleming Beach Park in Kapalua.  The photo on the left  (courtesy Maui News) shows the happy couple. Apparently, it’s mating season and the males will attempt to mount ... Read More »

Do I need a rental car if I stay in Waikiki Beach?

If you’re staying in Waikiki on your Oahu vacation, then you’re probably wondering if you need a rental car or not.  Let me first say that a rental car is not a necessity.  You can get around Oahu with public transportation and packaged tours.  That being said, there is a certain degree of freedom and flexibility that a rental car ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for March 6th

We have a real potpourri of news today – from lava to boogie boards. KGMB has an update on the lava flow and the efforts to set up a viewing point. Officials estimate that the lava will be arriving to the ocean today and the official lava viewing point will be open by noon on Friday. The latest Hawaii hotel ... Read More »

Flight Attendant Q&A with Tips for Flying to Hawaii

Flying to Hawaii is not like flying to any other US state. The first time I flew to Hawaii from the US Mainland, I was caught off guard a little. For you folks who might be flying to Hawaii for the first time, I wanted to share some advice so that you’ll know how to be prepared. So, I went ... Read More »

What is a lanai?

If you’ve been researching hotels or condos for a vacation in Hawaii, you may have come across the word lanai and wondered what that means.  A lanai is the Hawaiian word for patio or balcony.  Most hotel lanais are equipped with at least two chairs and a small table. The above photo is of the lanai from a room at ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for March 3rd

I can’t believe it’s March already, can you?  Let’s take a look at what news March brings us. The seventh Carnival of Aloha is alive and kicking at Homespun Honolulu.  This month’s edition covers everything from insects to politics.  What an eclectic mix! You’ve got to see this photo of a humpback whale breaching just feet away from kayakers off ... Read More »

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