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Scuba Diving with Extended Horizons in Maui

It’s been just two weeks since we returned home from our recent trip to the Valley Isle, and already, we’re planning another one – just so that we might get to see more of the island next time. Since it was our first time to Maui, and this particular trip was all about scuba diving – we went straight to ... Read More »

A Private Chartered Dive Boat Day In Kauai

What could be better than heading out on a scuba diving excursion in Kauai? A chartered dive trip for you and 12 of your closest friends and colleagues! My second trip to Hawaii occurred just 9 months after my first trip to the Big Island, when I headed to Lihue, Kauai for a small work conference – which of course, ... Read More »

Why I Am Getting Addicted To Scuba Diving In Hawaii

Today, we start a three-day series of Hawaii diving and snorkeling posts written by my friend Elisabeth Ostrander. Before I dive into telling you all about some of my recent diving adventures in Hawai’i, I need to make a a few confessions. First, I am not an expert diver by any means, as I have only 20 dives under my ... Read More »

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