Aloha Friday Photo: Brunch view from Waikiki’s Royal Hawaiian

Mahalo to Christian Bessey for sending this interesting Waikiki shot for Aloha Friday Photos.

Christian tells us that this was his view for brunch from the Royal Hawaiian Resort. It’s one of Waikiki’s oldest and most iconic hotels. As you can see from the photo, this resort is known for using pink decor. In fact, one nickname for the Royal Hawaiian is “The Pink Palace of the Pacific.”

Christian didn’t mention if he stayed at the Royal Hawaiian, but seeing his photo reminded us of a couple of Hawaii budget travel tips to share:

> A great way to experience the high-end Hawaii hotels is by dining at one of their restaurants. You get to enjoy the views from the restaurants of these fancy hotels, but without the expense of staying at one.

> Breakfast, lunch and happy hour (pau hana) menus are significantly less expensive than dinner menus.

 Happy Aloha Friday!

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