Proof of COVID vaccination or a negative test required for entry in Oahu restaurants and bars

If you’re going to Oahu on or after September 13, 2021, you’ll need to show proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test in order to dine at a restaurant or go into a bar, gym, museum, movie theater or similar establishments. This rule will apply to everyone ages 12 and up. This new initiative is expected to be in effect for 60 days starting September 13th. 

For all the details on this new program, see this link to Safe Access Oahu. It’s quite a long list the regulations and caveats.

  1. I’d required too?? Sounds a bit like ” show me your papers” doesn’t it? Yet voter ID isn’t needed..ugh!

  2. Only 60 days? What happens after that? I am not too trusting on only 60 days, after all, it was two weeks to flatten the curve, and look where that got us!

    1. I don’t trust that it will be only 60 days either, in fact I think it will not only go longer but will be expanded to NO SHOPPING incl grocery shopping without the neg test or VAX I.D.

  3. Reading the “rules”, seems suspicious, think about it, grocery stores do not need vax passports, yet, if they have seats ie: Starbucks, that area needs to see vax passports?? Does that make sense to people?? Also 5000$$ fine or 1 year in jail for non compliance? This is communism and segregation at its finest. Australia! So sad..I love Hawaii!! Is this ever goin to end? Possibly when govt and health corp rule us all. Ugh!!!

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