COVID cases surging in Hawaii

Sadly, the state of Hawaii is recording their highest case counts since the start of COVID-19. As you can see from the above epidemic curve chart, cases are on a sharp incline.

You can review all the official data at

According to the Star Advertiser, Hawaii hospitals are edging towards capacity. At the moment, statewide, 308 patients are hospitalized due to COVID-19. Additional heath care workers are being added to support this surge.

The data reveals that the vast majority of cases are due to community spread and from residents who return to Hawaii after traveling outside of the state. Non-resident visitors have had a very minimal impact on cases. You can review case counts by resident status and travel history here.

The only recent restrictions that have been added/reinstated are limits on social gatherings. In the KHON2 segment, some experts say that’s not enough. We will continue to watch this situation.

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  1. Non resident travelers have low to no impact on this. That’s what the article said. I have wondered why Hawaii, with almost 70% vaxxed, are having sky rocketing numbers. Dr Josh Green says it is all due to unvaxxed. I truly do NOT believe that. Why are they still using PCR tests? I thought CDC stopped them because they didn’t work. Hmmm did Hawaii, among other places, not get the memo? It is summer in Hawaii, not flu season, so why the huge jump in cases?? The Phizer vax is only 42% efficacy and getting lower. Could be, that the vaxxed are shedding the virus? Look at Obama Bday bash. 75 got covid..look at the cruise ships, all vaxxed on board, 3 still got covid. Something really wrong here. Common sense prevails…Hawaii is messing with the numbers. Do they really want to lockdown again? Doing something again that won’t work, and killing the economy at the same time. I don’t want to live off the govt..I want to work. We all should just stay home forever cause covid is NEVER going away! What kind of life is that? I for one don’t want to live like the Australians are as we speak. People, ask yourself why the surge in summer, when 65% or more are vaccinated. If every man, woman and child on earth were vaxxed, and people still got covid and died, who would the govt blame then? Think about it…..

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