Maui seeking to pilot “vaccine passport” program + add mandatory post arrival test

Maui County, which is comprised of Maui, Lanai and Molokai, is seeking to take part in a pilot “vaccine passport” program that would allow travelers to bypass pre-testing and quarantine with proof of full vaccination with a minimum of two weeks since receiving the final vaccine dose. This pilot program is proposed to begin  with inter-island travel as soon as April 15. Eventually the vaccine passport program could be opened up for trans-Pacific travelers, but no timeline has been given on that yet.

Travelers who do not have a vaccine passport will still be able to bypass quarantine by participating in the existing  Hawaii’s Safe Travels program. Non-vaccinated travelers can bypass quarantine, by taking an approved pre-travel test and receive a negative result.

Masks will still be required for all travelers whether pre-tested or vaccinated.

The vaccine passport proposal will require approval from Hawaii’s governor, Ige. For more information on this news, see this article.

In other Maui County travel news, Maui’s mayor is seeking approval to institute a mandatory rapid test for arriving passengers. If approved, it could launch in the second or third week of April per Maui News.

  1. So if this happens, if you are vaccinated, you don’t have to have the pre negative test before arrival, if you aren’t vaccinated, you have to have the negative test prior to arrival but vaccinated and/or negative test, either way, you’ll be rapid tested upon arrival? Is that right? Or am I not understanding it? If that’s the case, why bother with either, just rapid test everyone on arrival. Seems like I’m missing something here……..? I’m not sure I like that, if I’m told I can come without being quarantined either by vaccine passport or negative test within 72 hours, why do you have to get another one?

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Deborah – the timing of the vaccine passport program is highly uncertain right now. It may likely be months away for trans-Pacific travelers.

      The second, rapid test upon arrival may be implemented this month in Maui.

      The Big Island has been conducting a rapid, arrival test since October.

  2. All of my family is vaccinated. What happens if one of us gets a false positive upon arrival?

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Maui hasn’t put the second test in place and it’s not for certain that they will yet. So, we’re all going to have to wait and see what happens and what rules they may put in place.

  3. I’m fully vaccinated and have been since Feb 2021. If I have my card, do I still need to quarantine or have a negative test result upon arrival?

  4. We have rescheduled our trip to Maui 5x time. The Mayor is an incompetent ass. Looks like I’ll have to spend my $10,000 vacation money elsewhere. Not going to spend that kind of money to get fined or harassed for not wearing a mask outdoors when I’m fully vaccinated and pay $2200 for a rental car. The Mayor even stated he want’s to keep car inventory down as there are too many tourists with cars on the road.

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