What are your 2021 travel plans?

For many years we’ve had a tradition of asking readers what their Hawaii travel plans for the new year. Though we’re still trying to navigate our way through this season of COVID-19, we thought we’d still continue this little custom.

As part of this tradition, we also giveaway a desk calendar from Mike Carroll Gallery to one person. It’s a lovely desk calendar that features the prints of  the artist’s oil paintings.

Here’s front of the desk calendar.

Here’s the compilation of the 12 oil paintings.

If you’d like to enter to win a calendar, here’s all you need to do:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the post and past other comments to the comment section. (If you are reading by email, go to this page to access the post and the comment section.) The comment section looks like the following example screenshot:

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2. In the comment box, tell us if you plan to travel in 2021.

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We will accept entries through January 8, 2021 and choose the winner the next day.

  1. We rescheduled our annual visit to see our Ohana from last September to this coming April and hope it works out this time.

  2. I would love to go to Hawaii in 2021 since our vacation to Kona in July 2020 had to be cancelled because of covid restrictions.

  3. We have a family vacation for Hawaii in March. We are keeping the faith that we can travel. If not Hawaii then it will be Florida

  4. I am ready to travel now, but I am watching with optimism that we can travel to the islands in the fall of 2021. Did 2 weeks in Feb 2020 before the crud was deposited upon our world. Keeping my family and your ohana on the islands safe is a top priority. Bring on the vaccine! Mahalo

  5. I’ve been to Maui twice and Kauai once. I absolutely love it on the islands. I had to be dragged back to the airport to come home all three times. I’m planning on going back this fall.

  6. I already booked Kauai for March a year ago. Hoping Kauai will open back up by then!!

    1. October 2021 is my goal to return to Hawaii. Was lucky in 2020….. Able to visit in February before lockdown.

  7. My 2021 travel plans this year are for Florida, Cancun and Belize. We are skipping Hawaii again this year because of the oppressive government regime. We have spent 52 weeks in Hawaii over the years, but off the list now and maybe forever.

  8. Pam and I are supposed to be basking in the sun and warmth of the Big Island right now. January 1 travel plans were put on hold until we both get the Covid shots. After we are both “shot” we will decide on our plans to visit our condo and for how long. First winter in many we have stayed home (northern Wisconsin) and had to shovel snow!
    If a no go for yet this winter, hopefully the fall will work better for all of us.
    Happy 2021 to one and all!

  9. I will be going to Honolulu in the beginning of June. I am taking my mother and my little sister. This trip is important to me because it will give my mom and I some good quality bonding time. I had this trip planned last year, but we all know how that went. She has never been outside of the states, other than Mexico, so I wanted to give her an island experience relatively close to home as she is scared of planes. I am paying for the whole thing including hotel, and it feels great that I can do this for her. I can’t wait till June!

  10. Had a trip planned to Kauai last May- had to change plans several times- now the trip is planned for this May (2021)- but we shall see what happens.

  11. We already have our reservations to spend six weeks in Maui from early November to mid December. We canceled our usual monthlong vacation in Maui in 2020, so rewarded ourselves with two extra weeks in 2021. Can’t wait!

  12. Sheila;
    We cancelled last August (for 48th Anniversary) to Kauai
    We are looking to try again between Mid June to Mid August (likely closer to August to provide time for COVID to dissipate). Airfare is a voucher expiring after 1 year! Hope to see Kauai for 49th Anniversary.

  13. We have been to Hawaii 4 islands 5 times for me and 4 times for my husband. We love Hawaii and tell everyone we are “honorary Hawaiians.” Our youngest daughter got married on the north side of Diamond Head in Oahu in 2013. We had 30 people including the bride and groom and also some people who came from Japan. We used to have an annual Luau in our backyard every year with all the decorations, a Tiki Bar and of course Mai Tai’s. We will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary Oct. 2021. We want to come back to Hawaii so bad but are not sure if it will be safe or open by then. We are crossing our fingers. What better place to celebrate our 40th anniversary then Hawaii. Aloha and Mahalo Hawaii!!!!!!!

  14. For over 35 years we have gone to Hawaii (Maui/Kauai) every February. We went in 2020 – just before COVID hit the world. We cancelled our 2021 trip – unheard of for us…but we have scheduled our 2022 trip.

  15. I plan to come back to Oahu to visit my elderly Ohana. Had to cancel a couple of trips but with pre-travel testing in place and going somewhat smoothly, it should not be an issue.

  16. We travel to Hawaii 3 or 4 timer per year, sadly we have not been in a year as our trips have all had to be cancelled due to travel restrictions. We are planning a trip for end of February for my 60th Birthday (ugh), hope our favorite resort on Maui is open and up to speed by then, I so miss my island vacations

  17. We have cancelled our Oahu vacation 3 times since the virus hit!!! We are now going on Feb 12 for a few weekw and we are literally counting down the days!! (38 to go!!)
    We miss Hawaii so much its painful!!! As soon as the last kids graduate high school and are off to UH for college…. we’re moving to Oahu!!!

  18. I am so hoping to visit Hawaii as my son will be changing command (Army) in April
    or May. I have attended most of his other ceremonies and hope to be at this one as well.

  19. For the most part, we will stay close to home. However I have booked us a place to stay on Oahu in late December 2021. Hopeful!

  20. I’m hoping that by April the entry restrictions won’t be so crazy/changing so often and/or I’ll have been vaccinated. Also hoping by then more is open as I’ve not really ‘played tourist’ yet and plan to do that next trip, including inter-island tour to Mauai.

  21. We had to cancel 2 planned trips to Hawaii in 2020 due to COVID 19 and recently one planned for Kauai in Feb 2021. We have re-booked for Kauai in Sept and hopefully things will be better and we will be able to go.

  22. Had to cancel June 2020 trip so rescheduled for June 2021- family trip to Oahu. Everyone super excited. I’m vaccinated because I work in health care. Willing to do whatever!!! Crossing my fingers it all works out🏝

  23. i plan on traveling to Oregon for the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous near LaGrand. I am also hopeful to visit friends and family in Oregon and California before returning to Pahoa.

  24. Hoping to visit Kauai and possibly HNL this fall. We got married on Kauai in Oct 2000 and have been to the islands numerous times since as a favorite getaway from the West coast. Our 20th anniversary trip got cancelled so we’re hoping to reschedule 1year later!

  25. We plan to visit Hawaii in July or August. Our grandson is stationed there and we haven’t seen him for 3 years now.

  26. We had to cancel our Thanksgiving 2020 trip to Kauai, but were lucky to have been there in March, leaving just as the shut-downs began. We have made reservations for October and December, 2021 for our stays at Waiohai. Hope the requirements for getting there are much relaxed by then!

  27. Hoping to spend a week on Kauai in June 2021 for my 50 birthday. We’ve booked a place but will wait awhile before booking airfare. We are hoping to get the vaccine and Kauai lifts the quarantine requirement before June.

  28. I would love to go back to Kauai this year! We have been going to Hawaii every other year since 2009. This year we should be going in March. We promised our neighbours we would take them with us. Last time we took some friends. Everyone should see the beauty of Hawaii and their warm ocean water.

  29. Aloha, I have one travel goal that above all others I’d like to meet in 2021. I’d like to travel from the Big Island to Seattle. In Seattle I will visit Warren and Helena, my nephew and niece, and my sister Susanne and her partner Walid. I’ll also visit my friend Daghild who recently left the Big Island. I will then fly to Cotopaxi, Colorado to visit Tammie and Paul, my sister-in-law and brother. After the events of 2020, family relationships, to me, are more important than anything else. Happy New Year everyone!

  30. Definitely have plans this year to visit Hawaii! Missed last years trip due to all this craziness going on and are really looking forward to our trip this year and some Mikes Huli chicken! Yummy!!

  31. The last vacation I had was in 2005 and it was to Kauai. I haven’t been able to travel since then and this year isn’t looking good either. But if I were to travel, Hawaii would definitely be the place I would go.

  32. Yes we plan on traveling. I would love to have more pictures from Hawaii. Going back would be a dream come true!

  33. Aloha, we have been to the island 3 times in the past. So sad we had to cancel this past summer because our son and his wife were coming with us. We really hope we can return in the fall. So sad not to have a calendar purchased in Hawaii hanging on the wall this year. Don’t think we will ever vacation anywhere else. Once you have been there you fall in love with it.

  34. Yes! I plan to visit my sister in Haleiwa..2020 was the first year I have missed in over 30 years. Very excited to go!

  35. We are scheduled for a trip in June 2021. We will visit Oahu and Hawai’i.
    This time I want to do different things. I want to go to the swap meet, visit the food trucks in the north shore, take surfing lessons, visit the Iolani Palace, a d take a Hula class at a local Halau (if possible). Ohhh and visit Kīlauea.

  36. I visited my dad and sister in Hilo in November and am planning to return to Hilo in February 2021. But, there are new travel requirements being put in place for international travelers when I return to Canada, so I may have to rethink my travel plans.

  37. My husband and I are both teachers, and we had just started a tradition of going to Maui every year the week before our classes start in August…until COVID this past August canceled our 2020 trip. We have rescheduled for this summer, and we look forward to visiting Hawaii and relaxing again in paradise!

  38. We are scheduled for our Hawaii trip the end of March into April and all body parts are crossed because our trip was canceled twice. We were to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in Kona. This will be my tenth trip to Hawaii and my Aloha Spirit is in great need of Hawaiian rejuvenation. We are eagerly waiting to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mahalo Nui Loa!!!!!!

  39. Tests in my area from “trusted partners” is ineffective. There are too many people being tested so scheduling tests, and, or getting test results cannot be guaranteed to meet the travel rules for Hawaii.
    If we can get the vaccine and the “Vaccine Passport” proposal is approved and no testing will be needed with no quarantines we will return to the Big Island in 2021. We hope to celebrate our 50th anniversary with our close friends and extended Ohana who live there. We currently have reservations at a condo, but have a few months to cancel and get a refund(except for a small fee).

  40. We have tried 3x to get to Kauai and now scheduled for September. Going to go or be very sad the rest of the year. We really need our happiest place on earth.

  41. We very definitely plan to come to Hawaii in 2021 from Canada! My wife Susan and I hold interest in 2 Hilton Grand Vacation Hawaii properties – Kings Land and Waikoloa Village Ocean Tower.
    We are coming in May together to the Big Island with a 3 day, 2 night interlude on Maui, staying at the Grand Wailea.
    Susan has 2 more trips booked with girlfriends, one in April to Oahu and one in. November to the Big Island.
    While we love Oahu and Maui, we are very much Big Island people!

  42. We were supposed to visit Maui in May 2020 for our 50th Anniversary. But this damn virus cancelled it. Hoping to try again this May for our 51st Anniversary. Fingers crossed!

  43. I am looking forward to vacation in Hawaii in July or August of 2021. I can not wait. My kids and I deserve this vacation. Hopefully all our plans will fall in place.

  44. Went to Oahu in 2019 and was planning a return in 2020 but that, of course didn’t happen.
    So I am waiting now until 2022. In the meantime, a surgery will take place and then I’ll be
    back in shape to visit again!

  45. We are plan on arriving on the big island March 4 and then going to Maui on March 11. We try to get to Hawaii about every 18 months or so. Need to rejuvenate the soul.

    1. My wife and I usually come to Hawaii every couple of years but have had to cancel our trip 4 times since last last April. We have reservations again now for the last of April. We are both 78 years old and hope to have our covid shots by then so we can make it this time.

  46. We plan on coming to Honolulu and Maui in August! Its a rescheduled vacation from 2020 and our first trip to your beautiful islands. We hope we get to come!

  47. 2017 was the last time my husband and I visited Maui. We have tentative plans to go in December 2021. We usually stay for 2 weeks around the Christmas holiday, but this time we plan to stay longer! Can’t wait, LOVE Maui!

  48. My family has planned to go to Hawaii this summer to enjoy its luau festivals after reading a large number of travel blogs which resulted in our decision. Of course, we will have to follow the medical guidelines related to the pandemic. Hope that everything will go well from now on.

  49. We were to visit in September 2020 but cancelled ugh. Hopefully I can visit my family in 2021. Bringing a friend that’s never been so I’m hoping it happens in the spring

  50. Aloha! Like so many of you, we had to cancel our long anticipated family celebration on the Big Island in July 2020. My husband and I saved for 4 years so we could bring our family (8 of us) to Hawaii to celebrate my retirement. We have rescheduled for July 2021 and are hopeful that we will get there. Health and safety for the Hawaiian citizens as well as for visitors from the mainland is most important. We are grateful to be able to travel to such an incredible place if we have the opportunity. Stay well and please get your vaccination!

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