Aloha Friday Photo: Kona Evening

Mahalo to Ashley Stone for this Aloha Friday Photo.

Ashley didn’t mention where she took this photo, but it looks a lot like Kona to us. No matter where this photo was taken in Hawaii, it sure is nice.

Happy Aloha Friday!

  1. Nice photo. I wish I was there. One of the trips that I canceled was for now, and I would’ve been there 3 days already..
    As I am typing this my wife told me that New York just passed some regulations for traveler’s coming to NY. So if I went to Hawaii now, I’d face “possible” quarantine there and “possible” quarantine when I returned to NY. We’ll look at it together after I finish this.
    Traveling is going to be getting harder for us.

    1. I’m sorry you had to miss your trip. I’m sure it disappointing. When you do get to eventually return to Hawaii, it will be even more special.

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