Hawaii vacation news: October 22, 2020

Here are a few quick updates to share:

– The initial results from the post-arrival surveillance test indicates that all tests have proven to be negative per Hawaii News Now.

– The new pre-travel testing program is still experiencing some issues. This Hawaii News Now story shows problems with a backlog in the Safe Travels program and problems with tests going missing.

– There’s new information regarding Kauai County’s voluntary post arrival testing that they’re urging visitors to take three days after arrival.

  • The cost of the voluntary test is at the visitor’s expense. They are offering a “gift” certificate that can be redeemed at select tourist shops, restaurants, tours and attractions. It’s unclear how the certificates can be redeemed — all at one business or small increments at each. Learn more here.
  • The cost of the voluntary test for residents is free.
  • For more information about Kauai’s policies, see this link.

– Lana’i had been the only island without a COVID case until this week. Through yesterday, they had four cases and that is expected to increase to 16 with today’s report per Mayor Victorino’s press conference yesterday. It is believed that the virus is part of community spread and not from a visitor. Lana’i is a very small island with only two, small grocery stores, one gas station and only one, small hospital. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and to the community to stay safe and to be able to stop the spread of the virus.

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, we recommend you review the following official resources to guide you through the processes:

  1. My husband and I had a trip to Molokai and our third time to Kauai planned early September but had to cancel. We’d like to try again. Kauai asks for a voluntary test. Of course we want to keep everyone safe. But what happens if you do not take a test? That is our main concern.

    1. If you do not test before arriving, you must quarantine for 14 days.

      For inter-island travel to all islands except for Oahu, you must pre-test before your inter-island flight in order to avoid 14-day inter-island quarantine.

      You cannot test out of quarantine after arrival.

      For travelers who participate in the pre-travel testing program, the voluntary post-arrival test is voluntary at this point.

      Check the links at the end of our article for many more details.

  2. I haven’t read anything about refusal to take the test. I hope they announce it before travelers make their plans….A positive test = quarantine as per everything written about Hawaii travel.
    For myself, I wouldn’t take any test administered on the Island because if I tested positive I wouldn’t want the remainder of my stay to be in quarantine . In addition, some tests have shown false positives. I would not take the chance of losing so much money, part of my vacation, and being locked in a room. I won’t return to the Islands until quarantine is not in the equation, and the virus is under control.

    ( I researched many travel insurance policies and after reviewing coverage I found a # of possibilities, due to the pandemic, that could occur during travel that would not be covered. Some coverage have stipulations that I was glad to know before I would consider confirming travel.)

    1. Lopaka – There’s a chance that any traveler going to Hawaii now and following the pre-travel testing procedures will not have any issues…but there’s also a chance that there could be some snag, too. Planning a trip under these conditions is definitely taking a risk for forced quarantine. It’s a risk that many people can’t afford or would even want to do out of choice.

      I so wish we could just snap our fingers and be back to the old normal.

      We always appreciate your comments and insights. Mahalo!

  3. mahalo .
    I learn a lot from this site . Your research and analysis leads me to follow the leads from here to learn about additional subjects that I have interests in, such as travel insurance, quarantine issues, trace and track, etc. I have made some potential money savings decisions based on what I learned from you. It has reduced what my wife and I call “travel anxiety”.

  4. We are from Ontario Canada and travel to Oahu every winter for 2 months. What covid 19 test would be acceptable on arrival to Hawaii from a testing clinic in Ontario. We would like to take the test before we leave to avoid the 14 day quarantine. Is there a specific test that would be acceptable?

    1. Unfortunately, nothing has been established with Canada yet. Trusted testing partners are only US-based at the moment.

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