Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program delayed again to October 1 at the earliest

In a press conference on August 18, 2020, Governor Ige announced the delay of the pre-travel testing program to open Hawaii’s tourism. The pre-travel testing program was originally due to begin August 1. Then it was delayed to September 1. The new start date is October 1 at the earliest. The delay is due to the surging cases of COVID-19, particularly on Oahu.

For anyone who travels to Hawaii from outside of the state prior to the start of the pre-travel testing program, they must quarantine for 14 days. For details of the quarantine orders, see this link to the Hawaii Tourism Authority alerts page.

The same press conference included new restrictions on Oahu. Effective on Oahu for 28 days starting August 20, 2020 at 12:01 a.m.

  • Beaches, parks and trails will remain closed.
  • No gatherings of more than five people either indoors (including private residences) or outdoors on Oahu.
  • Masks required – including indoor and outdoor shopping malls
  • Work from home, if possible
  • Restaurants, malls, shops, churches (without singing or wind instruments), gyms and other service are allowed to stay open as long as they police themselves and members/customers to wear masks.

Per Hawaii’s Director of Health, new cases are largely accountable due to gatherings without wearing masks or physical distancing. Many of the new cases resulted in people who attended gatherings, then proceeded to work while ill.

  1. This is BS. What it boils down to is the government doesn’t want tourists coming to Hawaii. The environmentalists are happy no one is there infecting the beaches. The locals unfortunately are the ones to suffer. Businesses are suffering.

    1. I agree completely! I’m in Cabo now and there are no issues restaurants and businesses are checking Temp’s as you enter and providing hand sanitizer as well. The HI Governor is trying to kill his own economy. Flip the state Red!

  2. Oh no!
    Our dream all year round is to visit Hawaii Islands as often as possible. We have been staying on Ohau,Kawai,Maui and MY FAVOURITE Big Island dozens of times: always local people have been MORE THAN FRIENDLY to us,ohana really. Over the past 25 years we made LOCAL friends in every island,even the small Molokai: won’t we be able to visit with our dear Hawaii friends anymore??
    What about hotel staff? And all locals relying on tourism? Are THOSE PEOPLE happy with Government’s decision??
    ??Back to plantation times??

  3. This sad news. I am sure that business’s cannot survive, as they have not survived in the UK. This is going to be hugely damaging to the economy of HI. We all need to start getting on with life, and Covid is something we will have to live with.

  4. Been trying to visit our daughter who is a teacher on Maui. We are sad that we have to reschedule once again. Maybe the negative Covid test would be a better option, as it would be a start to infusing the economy, compared to the 14 day quarantine and social distancing rules, which seemingly is not being adhered to if covid rates are surging. Just a rough time for all.

  5. We had to postpone our trip to Oahu 4 times due to Hawaiian officials not being able to make sound decisions and figure out a way to implement pre-travel testing for visitors. Hawaii has been discouraging travelers from visiting Hawaii with their 14 day quarantine rule and refuse to accept visitors due to what they say is an uptick in rate of infection – so a reasonable person would think that maybe it’s not the visitors. On the flip side, it’s the residents of Hawaii the visitors should be worried about, since visitors would be Covid negative in order to enter the state. All they’re doing is depriving Hawaiians from making a living in the process.

  6. This is a sad state of affairs, I’ll pass on making specific judgement of the government decisions about Wuhan flu related restrictions, but in general it seems Hawaii is and has been cursed with poor governments at both the state and city & county level.

    As a seasonal resident I hope things get better soon for everyone in the wonderful state of Hawaii.

  7. Is it possible that Gov. Ige would consider BinaxNOW rapid Covid test. a viable solution for travel tests?

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