Aloha Friday Photo + Leaders Questioning the Plan to Reopen Tourism

Mahalo to Krista Marie for sharing this excellent shot for Aloha Friday Photos.

Krista’s shot was taken at Ka’ena on the western point of Oahu. It’s a rugged, yet beautiful coastline.

Hawaii’s leaders are considering modifying or delaying the August 1 plan to reopen tourism with a pre-travel test result. The plan would allow visitors to bypass the 14-day quarantine by providing proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72-hours of arrival.

The plan to reopen was announced just over two weeks ago, but in recent days the governor and island mayors have had “marathon” meetings discussing concerns and options. From what we can gather, the concerns are around the case surges in Hawaii and on the mainland as well as Hawaii’s limitations on testing and contact tracing.

We’ll continue to watch for news and let you know when decisions are made.

  1. We are booked in Kihei for two weeks in the beginning of November and are wondering if we should cancel. As of now we have had no cases of Covid 19 on Vancouver Island but our Provincial and Federal Government do not want anyone travelling and our Medical Insurance is not valid outside of Canada.

  2. Given the fact that here in Arizona, some of the COVID testing patients have waited anywhere from 10-27 days to get results. We planned to return home in Oct 2020 but who would gamble their airfare, hotels etc. which would all be lost should the test get delayed and/or return positive.

    1. There are definitely many unknowns and unfortunately, booking a trip is taking a financial risk.

  3. Now tell me what to believe that is not about politics? How can there be surges, when the whole place has been isolated? Did the virus swim there from China? How are there surges? If you can’t keep it away while the islands are isolated, you might as well open up. What good does it do you stay shut, except make people dependent on the government, which is exactly the plan? Socialism at it’s best, even in paradise.

    1. Initially most of the cases were brought in by residents who traveled outside of the state. Some more recent clusters from gyms, from a funeral and from social gatherings.

  4. I have clients leaving 8/9 for Maui for their long awaited honeymoon. What are your thoughts~they will have the test 72 hrs. Prior to travel & leaving out of Pdx, Or. I also have honeymooners leaving the 14th!!
    Thank You šŸ˜Š

    1. Let’s see what the governor decides. Hopefully we’ll hear in the next couple of days.

  5. Shelia;

    DRATS! Lt Gov Green seems to indicate opening will be postponed till AFTER August 1. I will hold my breath until tomorrow to hear from Governor. Was due to arrive from Los Angeles on Kauai at noon on 8/8 (to celebrate 48th Anniversary on 8/12) but now it sounds seriously in doubt. Arranged with Doctor to get a COVID test for us prior to leaving (72 hours – real iffy).
    Really hope United Airlines will REFUND $$ vs VOUCHER.
    We are USED to mask wearing EVERYWHERE – wish all residents would do same – such an EASY thing to do to open up the economy (I am SURE Hawaii IS DESPARATE TO REOPEN TO TOURISM!) Best to all in Hawaii!!

    1. DRATS is right! We’re anxiously awaiting the governor to make the decision. Fingers crossed for you!

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