Take me there Tuesday: A day at Waikiki Beach

For this edition of Take Me There Tuesday, let’s go to Waikiki Beach, which is Hawaii’s most iconic beach. Let’s take a photo journey through a full day at Waikiki Beach.

First, when we think of Waikiki, we have visions of Diamond Head crater marking the east end of the stretch of beaches. It’s sturdy presence always provides a sense of place. A sunrise  stroll on the beach is a very peaceful start to the day.

As the day progresses, beachgoers emerge to enjoy the sun, surf and activities. Colorful beach umbrellas, surfboards and outrigger canoes add to the energetic scene.

Catamarans prepare to take visitors on ocean sightseeing adventures.

After a day of fun, the pace begins to slow just a bit. Tiki torches flicker as the palm trees gently sway before sunset.

Then, the sun makes its grand finale with a Waikiki sunset. Everyone stops to enjoy this spectacular display.

As night falls on to Waikiki, yet another vibrant scene appears when the city lights brighten the landscape.

Ah, the day comes to an end. You fall asleep with sweet dreams for the next day’s adventures.


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